Chapter TwoMature

Six years later and Mary knew what the two were talking about, on the 21st of December Jacqueline’s appearance would change.

Instead of being a girl with short brown hair, matching eyes and tan skin; she would have hair as white as snow and eyes as blue as the prettiest of sapphires, her skin would turn deathly pale.

Another thing that would come with this day was that her power over the winter weather would increase. Jacqueline would go out and spread snow and frost. This would last until the 26th of the same month a day after Christmas.

But at the moment it was spring and she didn’t have to worry about it, until the end of the year.

“Jackie.” Mary called to the cute six years old, who wore a dress the same colour as her hair.

“Yes mummy.” The little girl said, her bare feet kicking the ground.

“I’m going to the village, to get some more food; do you want to come?” Mary asked her cute little daughter.

“Can I.” She excitedly said; jumping up and down, Jackie went to grab her clock, while her mother stayed at the castle door. When the little girl did appear with her clock; Mary took it and gentle tied it around the child’s neck.

Before leaving the castle the two pulled their clocks over their heads; Jackie may be too young to understand why they had to do this, but she always listens to her mother.

It had taken twenty minutes to get to the nearest village and crowds were large. They were going to the first shop, when Mary couldn’t feel her baby’s hand in hers, and when she heard a shot of ‘Mummy’ her blood ran cold.

When Mary did turn around to found her baby in the crowd of people, what she did she made her blood go from cold to boiling in rage.

A thug was pulling her child’s hand, towards the woods and she could see the bindings that he held. When she looked at Jackie’s face, it made her heart break as she didn’t like seeing fear and terror on her baby’s face.

Knowing that she couldn’t call for help; in fear of being arrested, Mary quickly snapped out of the trance she was in and ran after the dimwit that had dared touch, let alone kidnapped her daughter.

This man would regret doing this later on, until the day he died, that’s if Mary had mercy that day, and if she didn’t well he wasn’t going to see the light of the next day.

She had chased him for ten minutes, before she finally caught up with the two and the only reason for that is that when Jackie knew no one was going to see her do it. She put a piece of ice under the man’s foot and made slide onto this back, making him hit his head on the unforgiving ground.

Mary pulled her baby into a hug and started to kiss her forehead; this was going to hurt Jackie’s trust in others, she could tell. When she pulled away from the hug to have a good look at Jackie, the tear tracks on her face, made Mary’s blood boil, again; that man was so dead.

“Jackie.” She said; as kindly as she could to the sobbing child.

“Yes mummy?”

“I want you to close your eyes and ears, don’t open them until I get back, okay my moonflower.”

“Okay, mummy.” After Jackie said that, she went to the closet tree and curled up against it’s trunk, putting her hands on her ears and closing her eyes tightly sight.

Mary seeing this looked at her little moonflower sadly, but she would have to deal with that later, but for now the thug.

Grapping him by the collar and dragging him five meters away from the spot that they were in. Summoning ropes to tie the bastard to a tree, when he did wake up he glared at her with blue-grey eyes, grey hair falling in front of his face.

“What do you want with my daughter?”

“Not telling.” The man said, looking at her as if he was daring her to even try to get the truth from him; but what he didn’t know is that Mary had ways around people who thought they had out did her; this bastard wasn’t going to see the sunset, so she didn’t full guilty about putting through the panic that come with it.

“The truth will come, truth come out, lies not be told from the lying ones mouth; tell the truth and nothing more.”

With that the man didn’t know what was going on; this was supposed to be easy, kidnap a little girl of six, but the boss didn’t tell him that girl was guarded by a witch.

“I was told to bring the boss; the winter child.”

“Who’s your boss?” Mary demeaned.

“I only know him as ‘Nightmare’, he doesn’t trust me enough to tell me his name and he told me not to tell anyone.”

“What does ‘Nightmare’ want with my child?”

“I don’t know, but he was mad when he told me to get her.” The man was sweating at the moment and he felt like he had no control over his mouth.

“I can’t have this going back to the bastard; at least not him.” She muttered as she pulled her dagger from her clock’s pocket, and without a second thought pushed it into the man’s ribs with a sicken crack, pulling the dagger out of the man’s chest. Cleaning it, so Jackie didn’t have to see the blood from another on her mother’s knife.

“Jackie, honey.” Mary said, as she gentle put her hand on the child’s shoulder.

“Mummy, I want to go home.” Jackie sobbed.

“Yes, of course dear.”

When they walked back to the tower, Mary knew this was going to stop Jackie from going out.

“Jackie, do you want to come with me to the village tomorrow?”

“No mummy.” Jackie replied while shaking her head.

But it wasn’t okay, Jacqueline only left the tower when she had to and that was once a year; when she had to spread snow. Other than that she never left the tower and when she did never went more than ten meters out.

She lost her trust for strangers and wouldn’t step outside the forest for the next twelve years.




The End

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