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Mary wasn't able to kidnap Princess Rapunzel that night, but was forced to flee after the failed attempt, but after finding a dying couple in the middle of the forest near her home, she will learn; That even the coldest of hearts can melt with the right gift.

In a quiet village not so far from the kingdom of Corona, was light up with candles and warm campfires.

The Village was known as Noelle, the village winter seemed to love, and as they winter months lasted for five months instead of three, starting a month earlier and a month later. The people who lived here were happy and kind; they knew how to survive the harsh winters.

But this night would be different, a man with hair as black as his heart, grey skin, and sliver eyes watched the people of the loving village with pure hatred, around him were wolves as black as night, eyes as red as blood.

The man flicked his wrist and that was their order, the wolves ran into the peaceful village.

Screams filled the air; as young and old, female and male, tried to ran for their lives and that of their love ones, those who were trained in the fighting arts tried to hold back the horrible creatures, but were quickly killed.

The man’s expression that was of pour hatred turned to one of glee and laughter; the screams were music to his ears and he’d never get sick of it. He watched the pour white snow turn red.

Unknown to him, a couple was able to run from the murder and slaughter of their village, their hometown. Nothing with them, they barely made a sound. All they had on them was a basket that had a pale pink blanket in it.

The man turned away from his show; when he felt the moons rays on him, looking at the man he said with a voice that was worse than nails on a chalkboard “Old friend; don’t look at me like that, you knew this was going to happen. The child to bring snow and laughter will not be the end of me, since the child has dead in the village.”

The man turned and disappeared into the shadows; leaving no trace that he was ever there, the only clue and idea that someone had of foul play was the burning village. Where they wasn’t a sound, wasn’t a single heartbeat or breathe: nothing that would come from a happy village, just as silent as the grave; that was this people’s end.

In the Kingdom of Corona; they were having their own problems, well the Royal family was a least. The Queen –who was pregnant, heavily so- was on her deathbed and the king knew that the only way to save his wife so to find the magic flower. Without thinking about it he ordered his knights to found it.

The flower was said to have been made out of a drop of sunlight and magic healing water, the rest of the tale was lost, but that didn’t matter to the king he just wanted his wife to live for him and their unborn child.

Unknown to him that the rest of the tale would have been important; as the rest of it says that the flower had a guardian that would use the flower to stay young and live forever.

A women was getting a drink from a nearby steam when the shouts and yells from man, brought her back to the hill.

The women was furious; how dare they take something that wasn’t theirs, if they had told her the problem she would of helped in any way she could! She wasn’t that heartless, but now they weren’t going to get any help from her and they could regret taking something of hers.

A week later a healthy baby girl was born, with beautiful blonde hair and most stunning pair of green eyes.

Eyes that had clearly come from her mother, the same eyes that were light for joy with happy tears coming from them, as she looked at her daughter, brown hair settling around her face as she looked at her husband brown eyes and matching hair.

That night as the royal couple slept a window was pushed opened and the women who guarded the flower, walked over and looked at the tiny baby, but when she put her arms down to grab the small baby a shout of ‘Guards’ was heard.

The king and queen woke up to find a strange women with black hair, tanned skin and light green eyes that looked at the two of them with hatred and pure rage.

Without a second thought the kind jumped between his child and the strange women, when she heard the sound of foot-steps coming to the room, she jumped out of the window and into the bushes below.

As she left there was a shout of ‘Get the witch’

She kept running into the forest, until the shouts couldn’t be heard anymore, but it didn’t matter as she kept running, that was until she tripped over something.

Getting up and looking at what she had tripped over, she saw that it was a leg of a man; turning her head she saw a couple with brown hair and eyes, looking at a basket that seemed to hold a child.

The women looked at her with pleading eyes and gasped “Please look after my moonflower.”

Her husband was already dead and it seemed that the women was on her final breath as well. The black haired women was going to say ‘no’ until she looked at the women’s dying face.

‘Yes’ as she gentle took the basket, the mother’s eyes went blanked as the rest of the life left them, removed forever, from this cruel heartless world.

The women took the baby to her tower, –her home- that is when she saw the note that was in the edge of the basket. Making sure the child had enough to eat and smiled as she feed the child. When the small baby feel asleep, she read the note.

“Dear whoever is reading this.

Thank you for taking care of my baby, my child and my little moonflower.

Her name is Jacqueline Frost, but be warned she is different, we could only give you the clue that the moon had given us, as the attack on our village has left us dying.

On the eve of Winter Solstice,

A girl shall be born

She’ll be the daughter of Winter and Frost,

The child of Moon and Earth,

She’ll be the bearer of Frost,




And Fun.

On the eve of the Winter Solstice,

Her powers will peak.

But be warned, for they’ll be others

Who’ll come near and far,

For the power that she holds

You must understand this is Jacqueline’s birthday, December 21st and that was three months ago.

Thank you, Edward and Luna Frost.


Mary just stood and stared at the note, wondering what the two were on.





The End

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