The Black roses sat around a very large wooden table with bowls of blood in front of them waiting for Vincent and Andre to arrive from their meeting with the Northeast Vampires. They heard the large door open and then a quick gush of wind passed through as the two brothers entered the room. Their vampire speed served them well as they had taken only a few hours to travel over a thousand kilometers and arrived in time for supper draining blood from the occasional animal to replenish their strength.

Victor and Andre took their respective seats and everyone began to drink the elk blood in their bowls.  When they had finished Vincent stood up to speak. " Brothers, sisters and children , times have changed. Ever since Marcel died a few months ago, there is no peace because his boy Duma believes it was us that killed him."

A young and beautiful vampire seated across the table from Victor cleared her throat softly interrupted in a matter of fact tone," It was only a month ago and you DID in fact kill Marcellus Moondance. "

Victor ignored the witty interjection and continued, "Marcel's son is a strong leader for his people but he does not fear or respect us as his father did." The large dining hall was filled with murmurs of agreement and then silence when  he continued, "We used to deal well with these savages, when they hunted they brought us blood from their kills but now they have become greedy." The sweet voice cut in and interrupted, "But Sir, he is new and there are too few animals to hunt." It was Melissa, a l young girl Vincent had turned over a hundred years before when he himself was newly turned. "They have been warned several times before, the boy Is stubborn. Besides, wiping those vermin out means more food for us" was Vincent's reply. The room was suddenly quiet. They knew he was right, the werewolf and vampire populations had expanded rapidly over the previous years. Vincent felt the need to recruit more vampires because of the growing numbers of the Moondance pack and for some grand plan that only a few of his trusted vampires knew about. Unlike the wolves the vampires were unable to conceive children, they could only turn people and for this reason Vincent wanted to level the playing field. The Black Roses had increased in number from fifteen to thirty-two in the space of thirty years. It was not very easy to recruit people, they needed to find people who would not be missed and convince them to join his  clan, the area's low population did not make it any easier.

"You want us to kill them all? " was Jason's response. " Tomorrow you and Stephen will go to their rat hole and convince them to leave. If they refuse then we will be forced to annihilate them. "

No one moved or said a word but there was a wicked smile on Stephen's face. He hated lupin with a passion and he had waited years for a chance to kill the Moondance pack.


The End

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