The pack had eaten now and all that remained was a few bones and the deer's blood stained fur. They all turned human to preserve the little energy they had just gotten from their meal. They could eat ordinary food when they wanted to but it never satisfied them or tasted any Good for that matter, they simply ate it to survive. The winter was approaching and many of the animals had migrated which meant that meat was becoming harder to come by. During this time they ate food from their gardens and whatever the forest had to offer.

Faye was Duma's only family apart from a few cousins and distant relatives in other packs far away. Duma had promised his dying father that he would protect her but she did not make it easy for him to do so. She hated him with every inch of her existence, simply because she felt that her brother was not prepared to avenge her father. Duma spotted her at the edge of the camp sitting with Derek and her best friend Stacey. She looked at him with traces of blood on her chin and their gaze locked for a few seconds. Duma knew she was planning something diabolical. Her new found friendship with Derek made him uneasy,the alpha's second had been trying to overthrow him for months and Faye would readily agree to help. Duma then turned away and walked around the camp to ensure that everything was in order. He reminded the four sentinels who were about to go back to their posts to alert him if anything seemed out of place. With that he went to his cabin and slept.

******* ******* ******** ******* ******* *******

Ten kilometers from the river crossing, there stood a magnificent house in the woods, two stories high. This was the home to Vincent Nosferatu, the vampire. He lived there with thirty-one others of his kind including his two brothers Stephen and Andre. They shared the land with the Moondance pack and a few farmers, the closest ranch was Cloverpit ten kilometers away and the closest town was Dalesville which was over eighty kilometers east. The hamans did not know about the supernaturals and almost never went into their territory except for the occasional campers who the vampires would either turn to become one of them or feed off for a few days and then compel to forget about the place. They could not kill humans unless under the most extreme of circumstances. The Council simply forbade it.


Vincent's vampires, known as the Black Roses had most of the eastern part of the woods to themselves and the Moondancers had the western section with a river marking the edges of their territories. The two groups had gotten along for decades  but now there was no peace between them because Duma believed that they had assassinated his father.

The End

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