When walking through the cabin doors one walked into a passage with doors on either side leading to the rooms and straight ahead was a large living area with furniture and a few fittings. Claire removed a key from the back pocket of her jean shorts and unlocked the second door to her left.  They both walked in and she reached down under her bed to pull out something wrapped in grey cloth. "Being an alpha does not mean they you have to starve yourself." She said as she unwrapped a dead black rabbit. Claire held it by the ears and handed it to him,"I caught a couple of rabbits earlier and I saved you one."

I thought I told all of you to save your strength and not to go hunting." She smiled and edged closer to Duma and said "You know I don't like rules" as she got on her tip toes and leaned forward for a kiss. Derek closed his eyes and they locked lips for a few seconds before he broke it off and held her by the shoulder. "I'm sorry Claire, not now. " He said as he turned to walk out. "Thank you for the meat but next time you disobey my rules there will be consequences. " She smiled teasingly and said "I hope so Duma" and she straightened her hair. Duma's eyes burned red and traces of black fur developed over his face and hands as he let out a deep growl. Claire fell back on her bed in fear, he had made playful threats many times before but he had never growled at her. The sudden outburst was involuntary, when he returned from the hunt one of the pack members had explained that she had overheard Faye and Derek making plans to overthrow him as alpha. This had made him very edgy the whole evening and he felt sorry for taking his frustration out on Claire. He paused momentarily by the door contemplating on whether to say he was

Sorry but kept on walking leaving Claire crying with a pillow to her face.

The End

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