Just then Derek arrived in his wolf form carrying the deer over his shoulder. The camp was an open area with thirteen wooden cabins placed in no actual pattern. There were two small cabins for the children one for the boys and the girls shared the other. These were painted in red for the males and green for the females. Nine of those remaining were large and each contained two bathrooms and five bedrooms for the pack members. The two that remained were smaller than the rest, one was the kitchen and right next to it was Duma's cabin where he slept alone and spent his days when he was not either taking care of the pack or meditating by the lake.


Duma stood up and howled to invite all the wolves, even the sentinels guarding the river crossings a few kilometers away, for supper. The flames made his dark skin almost glow as he stood by the fire with his large muscular figure looming over the carcass Derek had brought back. Very soon the whole pack was standing around the fire in anticipation, forty five in total, children, teenagers and young adults. Duma looked around to make sure everyone was there and then said "Let's eat!". With that they all turned into wolves of  many color and sizes and began shredding the deer to pieces while their alpha looked down still in human form waiting until they had all hf their fill. Claire, a beautiful blonde haired girl who was almost Duma's age also did not eat. She walked up behind him and tapped his shoulder lightly. "Follow me," she said softly, Duma followed her Into the dark but paused momentarily when a soft threatening growl came from the feeding frenzy. It was Glen a gray colored werewolf annoyed by one of the cubs who had constantly been taking bites from the same sections where he was feeding. Duma ignored this and walked on towards Claire who was waiting by her cabin door. She had very strong feelings for him, everyone knew this and he was fond of her too. They would have been mates but he always felt that his life had no room for relationships of any kind. The pack, his sister Faye's drama and his best friend Cyril kept him occupied and he felt that by making her his mate he would either bind her to a never-ending unhappy relationship or he would neglect his responsibility to his clan. Mates lasted a lifetime and he was not sure he was ready to bare such a responsibility.

The End

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