After arriving at the Moondance camp Duma quickly put on a fresh change of clothes and went towards the fire where the children were eagerly awaiting him to tell them the story of the Silver Fang wolf. This story was a part of the pack's heritage and Duma did not mind telling it over and over again once in a while. He sat down on a large rock by the fire where his father used to sit and scanned his audience which included several children, a few teenagers who were still Omegas, a few Deltas a Sentinel and a couple of hunters. And then he began to tell them the story,

"A long time ago before any werewolf alive today was born, when the curse had recently been placed upon our people and there were only a few packs. The vampires led  by Drekul of the first generation, later called Dracula, set out on a mission to purge the earth of every werewolf. In those days we were few in number and we would have easily been annihilated. While the other packs fled, my greatest of great grand fathers, Ndaba, leader of the Harvest moon pack, decided to stay and fight. In those days the wolves were few and no match for the Drekul and his army. In the midst of the battle Ndaba looked to the sky and asked for the help of Yayana, the shaman who had cursed the nomad tribes east of the Tatuni river for banishing her. She had been known to perform strange and unlawful magic and was angry when she was cast out for it. For vengeance she cursed her tribe and all others around them to turn to savage wolves during the full moon and destroy everything around them. Over time they had learned to control the beasts within them allowing them to turn at will.  In time they developed packs with rules and governance.

Yayana promised to grant him extraordinary wolf abilities  in return he had to promise to watch over her granddaughter Layilah who was also supposed to become a sharman. The battle began and Ndaba faught like no werewolf ever had, His newfound strength also empowered all the werewolves under his rule. The vampires were almost completely destroyed but Drekul and a few others managed to escape. Since then there has been  no werewolf stronger than Ndaba and it is believed that this super wolf remains in the bloodline of the Moondance tribe waiting to save them in their time of-"


"That is not the whole " Duma's sister Faye interrupted. " Ndaba fell in love with Layilah and they had two sons. One was a werewolf and the other was a human boy. One must never have children if they are to become a shaman, this angered Yayana and she gave two curses. The first was that the super wolf form she had granted Ndaba would now possess claws and fangs made of silver and on new-moons would become a werewolf killer. The second was that both his sons and their descendants would forever be at war."

A long silence followed, Duma and his sister were the only ones to have heard the whole story. Their father had told it to them and asked that they keep the last part from the pack so as to avoid making the pack feel uncomfortable. "But it's all just a camp story, " Duma broke the silence and gave Faye a threatening glance, flashing his eyes red to remind her that he was the alpha and she was not. She in turn flashed her eyes blue in a mixture of obedience and rebelliousness.



The End

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