They were lupin,or wolf-men as they are called in many folk tales and legends. Derek, the werewolf who was currently probing his claws threateningly over his wind pipe shoved his Alpha Duma away almost gently to prevent any confrontation as he knew the black wolf could kill him with ease if he wanted to.

Duma's red,alpha eyes glowed brightly and he looked straight into Derek's eyes. Derek's wolf form was slightly smaller than Duma's. He had bright blue eyes as did the other non-alpha wolves and brown fur with a distinct black line running over his back from the neck to the end of his tail. They had transformed into their wolf forms in order to go hunting for he pack. Normally half the pack would be out hunting but it was winter and food was quite scarce. Duma decided the pack would cause too much noise and scare the few animals that had not migrated and also they would just waste precious energy which they needed to defend themselves against a vampire attack. The wolves normally transformed while wearing their clothes to prevent having to walk around the forest naked when they turned back into humans. Derek's bones made cracking noises as he turned back to his human form,this was to show Duma that he had no intentions of fighting him and also to enable him to speak as they could only growl and howl when transformed,except for the alphas that is."Duma, that was my kill!" Derek said angrily to his leader. Duma did not bother to turn back into his human form and walked slowly towards the shirtless human figure that was confronting him and responded in a deep,nightmarish wolf voice,"You were too slow and you were running in circles with the deer. When will you learn to hunt with your mind and not your body?"

Derek straightened his blonde hair brushing twigs and leaves off of it and responded,"I have my own ways of doing things and I keep telling you that those hippy nonsense ideas you have in your head do not apply to me." With that Duma lunged towards him and pinned him to the ground with his strong wolf hands and said,"I elected you as my second in command because the pack seems to like you but everyday I lose patience with you!I am your alpha and i expect a certain level of respect from you." Derek was afraid the large black beast that towered over him would end him with a simple swipe of his claws or a bite to the neck and so he remained quiet. Duma rose up and turned back towards the direction of their camp and said "I expect you will follow me with my kill. Make sure to hurry, the wolves are waiting" and with that he dashed almost soundlessly towards their home.


The End

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