Argenum Lupus

Duma tries to lead a pack of werewolves amidst a rising coup, eminent war with the neighboring vampires and a love triangle involving a vampire that might just mean the end of the Moondance pack

Two figures drifted quickly through he thigh forest, one leaped from one tree top to the next almost making no sounds at all while the other broke branches and left thick claw marks on the tree trunks. Ahead of them a deer ran through the trees panicking and occasionally tripped over rocks and fallen trees. the chase continued for close to a minute until finally the animal that had maintained higher ground dropped heavily from the trees on the deer. It gripped the deer's neck almost effortlessly causing it to suffocate and die slowly. Shortly afterwards the second beast arrived and shoved the first angrily away from the now dead prey with it's large wolf body. The first wolf-like beast,with a thick matte black coat stood up on its hind legs and in a split second was holding his hunting partner by the neck against a tree.

The End

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