Dimitri Moonbeam is a socially outcast homosexual vampire. He struggles with life and he likes to learn about things but his life changes once his mother tells him some dire about is father.

"I wish that people wouldn't keep turning me away? It's bad enough that I'm a vampire, but because I'm gay! That's very homophobic of people." I cried myself to sleep after that.

I woke up, pillow soaked with tears. My eyes still red from last night. Sometimes I wish I was dead. I look at a photo beside me. It was my, now deceased, boyfriend. He has the most wonderful red eyes, and shiny jet black hair. People turned him away because he was a vampire and gay. I cried even more looking at the picture, memories flashing through my head. I tried to hold back the tears but they just started falling right out from my eyes again. I'm not strong, emotionally and physically.

I live in a small apartment. I don't have a job, barely living. The only thing that feeds me is the blood I get from animals. Drinking human blood is strictly prohibited in the Vampire Community and also the Human Community. Human's know about us, and they live in fear knowing that a vampire will break the rules and try to drink their blood. They aren't successful though. Human's have made a new self-defense weapon to fend off vampires. It's basically a gun but it has special powers to kill a vampire on the spot. It's okay for Humans to use it but only for self-defense hence the name 'self-defense weapon'. I tried to drink the blood of a Human way back when I was younger but I wasn't successful either. I barely dodged the shot and got away. I was lucky then but I learned my lesson.

Since I don't have a job and I haven't "fed" yet. I decided to go to the nearby woods and catch some game. The woods are only there and used by vampires so finding another vampire here is easy but if two vampires are both aiming for the same prey, then they will both fight it out until they get it. I've been in a few fights. I lost a lot but I've managed to win a few too. It's hard being in fights. My magical abilities aren't that strong and I have few abilities also. I only know a little bit of telekinesis and I know a tiny bit on how to return lost stamina and to increase vitality but only skilled vampires learn those. However as you can tell, I'm not that skilled.

I search around the woods for some game. I only found a few rabbits and squirrels but no big game yet. Usually strong vampires go for bears and elk. Those animals are way out of my league. After finding a few more rabbits, I leave, not full but filled. I decided to go to the library. I often go there since I'm unemployed and friendless. Most vampires are.

I arrive at the library within 10 minutes and instantly go to the learning section. I like to learn things a lot. Mostly magical abilities and how I can get better with them but I also like to learn about how people became vampires. Most people are born as vampires but some are made into vampires. Most of them are approved by the vampire council but some are also illegal. They usually are hunted down but some are let go through bribery and other clever things.

I am a pure blood vampire. I am part of the Moonbeam family. My name is Dimitri Moonbeam. My family is rich but I don't like accepting money. They give me an "allowance" that I use to pay my rent and bills and "food". Human food. I only eat it because of the taste. It gives me no nutrients at all. I also don't keep contact with my family, only for the "allowance" that they give me. I was in a big fight with my father and he "disowned" me because I was gay. It's not like it was my choice. If it was a choice, I would choose to be straight. I hate being gay, it ruined my life. But at the same time. I'm also glad, because I was able to meet the love of my life, before he was killed.

My boyfriend, Luka Coldbane, was a terrific man. He was nice, but protective. He gave me attetion and he taught me how to hunt and we did lots of things together, but I knew it was all too good to last. He was murdered, by a very vampire-hating man. This man was known all too well in the vampire community. His name was, Nicolai Locke. He was wanted all over our small country of Merlotte. He barged into our house, had a self-defense weapon, at Luka's head and pulled the trigger. He let me live, only to torture me by seeing my lover die before my eyes.

I cried for months after that incident. I would have nightmares about the terrible memory and I would wake up screaming and crying. I couldn't live in that house anymore and Luka was the one that paid the rent and so I moved to a small apartment since it was only me and my mother offered to give me money to help for the rent and bills. My mother was very accepting and she still accepted me for who I was. She didn't if I was gay, she loved me how a mother should love, with no standards or expectations. She only wanted me to be happy.

I walked home after leaving the library. When I got home, not too shortly after, I saw a note on the door. It was my mother! She came by but I wasn't here. I took the note inside and put my stuff down but the door. I walked over to my kitchen table and sat down on a chair. I read the note:

Dear Dimitri,

"I came by but you weren't here. I'm writing this because I want you to know something about your father. Give me a call when your done reading this. It's very important and we need to do this before your father gets back from his trip in Italy. He'll be gone a few days but he said he might be back earlier. Dimitri, please, come by after you phone."

Love, Mother.

I instantly run to the phone and dialed my mother's number.

The End

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