A Struggle.

  Truly, the fate that awaits the thief and Moon-Saucer is not pleasant. They will pass each other more times than either know. Moon-Saucer grows with Death’s image in his eye, and though the lightness of his nature tries to fight it, the ugly seed of darkness sneaks its tendrils out of his mind and towards his heart. His life is a battle, a search – for he will seek out the thief innumerable times, just to prove to himself he can, to find answers, to alleviate the fear that he is insane or a monster – ultimately, a struggle. He will put himself tantalisingly close to thief’s path purposefully, but to his frustration, is never in enough danger to send the thief his way.

They will meet once.

 A young boy who is intelligent but dumb – who is gifted but cursed – and who is light but dark. A thief who is Death but not – who takes life but regrets it – who is the epitome of evil but is good. Contradictions litter the story I have only dipped a toe into the waters of, contradictions and fear. But also, love. Because isn’t the pain that explodes from death, fed by love?

The End

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