It's Coming

  He is French, this boy with the moon-saucer eyes, and yet does not speak so. In fact, he does not speak at all. From the moment of his Death-inflicting birth – and here, in his mother’s Death from childbirth, we first discover the intriguing way the eternal master has marked him out from the beginning – right up to his current age, not a word passed his lips. So although I, in fact, know otherwise – know that this boy’s mental capacity far outstrips that of any ever seen before, philosophers and grown people included – most people think him mentally redundant. He is seen as stupid, dumb, a dunce, unworthy. As a consequence, he makes no friends. He makes no allies amongst his peers. He is, in fact, a victim of sorts; well, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how cruel children can be.

 And how does this interlink with our guilt-ridden thief? Because, if I am to guess correctly – and forgive my insolent arrogance, but I think I do – this absence of tongue is entirely the fault of his all-knowing powers of vision. Surely, such a remarkable enhancement of one sense must lead to a little confusion, a little lacking, in some other sense or bodily function? Not a thing hides from this boy’s eyes, and the thief – well, the thief is the thing that will capture his attention the most. And, without a doubt, this will terrify the thief from the off; and let me tell you, terrifying the protégée of the master himself is no easy feat.


 Papa Moon-Saucer is in the grips of the master himself. Each ragged breath he hauls into his bedraggled, tired lungs, brings him one breath closer to the thief’s outstretched hands. Moon-Saucer had been ill with the same disease as a newborn, and watches his Grandmother’s wearily frightened recollection of this time with his abnormally large, all-seeing eyes curiously. The disease that spared her grandson has come for her son, waiting patiently by life’s docks to ferry him to the master – sailed by the thief, of course. He is gripping onto life by the groin, the chest, the hair – he uses whatever method necessary to keep his heart beating. But finally…finally.


  The thief’s time is coming.

The End

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