Moon Wolf : Proleague

The title is random, i'm not sure if i'll keep it but let me know if anyone can think of any new ones!


My violet orbs danced as i glared into the darkness of the forest.  To the human eye i was invisible but ot the eye of the wild hunter i stood out like a sore thumb. I shook my hind leg impatiently growling as i waited for my enemy to approach. A tingling that made my spine and muscles ripple under my thick fur told me that i didn't have long left. I glanced to the sky, still pitch black with only the moon shining a dim light. My strong senses picked up the smell of coming dawn, and i narrowed my eyes in anger. If they didn't hurry up i would be stuck with the pack standing in a clearing surrounded by ravenous wolves. My eyes opened briefly before i raised my dark head and let out a bloodcurdling howl summoning my pack. I pricked my ears up and leapt into mid aair, clashing with my opponent. At the same time the once peaceful forest burst into a mess of thrashing claws, piercing teeth and chilling yelps. This was it, our last chance to settle things, werewolf to wild-wolf.

We're not the type of werewolf you might know. We don't turn by the full moon and we ceratinly don't look like a fluffy incredible hulk. We are normal wolves, same size but stronger. We turn by the command of our minds. but also when our emotions raise too high. In a flash we're wolves. No stopping it. It's in out blood, our souls. We're cursed to never love, apart from our own kind. We're cursed by Orca and Helsig. Helsig was raised by wolves, Orca to be exact. A lone she wolf with a kind heart. She bit Helsig accidentally when she was trying to escape with him. Somehow their blood mixed and Helsig became teh first werewolf. He fell in love, and found a way to hold off the transformation. No-one knows how, but some say the moon wolf, the werewolf of 10 generations passed would know. I am Carlie Bronston, and i am that wolf. I am the Moon Wolf.

The End

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