Hello, goodbye

November 12, 2050

I have conceived the idea of a diary for some time seeing as I can actually express myself in it, but since I have never had one of these I dont know how to write. I guess I'll just let it flow...

No one has ever told me why our world was like this now. All they say is that if it doesn't change it will end. But if it ended would it really be so bad seeing as it's probably near its end anyways? Atleast thats what I thought.

My name is Dela Misori and I am 13 years old, I live in what used to be California, now it's just a place where almost everything dies. We have all been assigned to city's and we must stay here until further word. We have been in war for over 20 years and it doesn't seem like it's going to end anytime soon. I think we all know though if we dont stop we will all die. Our planet can't take anymore of this, it has held up for these 20 years but now someone has to do something.

I don't plan on doing anything rash but I have thought of an idea. I will become a boy and go to war when the soldiers come recruiting new troops.

It may be a stupid idea but it is the only one I have seeing as I'll die anyway.

My mother is calling for me now.

The End

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