Moon shadows

These are the vampire/shapeshifter wars. Us shapeshifters never meant to get twisted into this war, it wasn't ours to fight, but somehow they dragged us in. That's the way it is now. Living in fear of getting ripped into peices or blown up. My name is Noctturno. I am a shapeshifter, I am an outlaw. Even though I live in the shapeshifters place. I am not wanted. The only reason why they don't drive me out is beacause I am precious to the king. I do not change into a wolf. I change it a black crow. But because I'm different I have no friends. I live in solitude. The king doesn't let people talk to me. He wants his precious messenger/spy to stay alive. Ha! That's the last thing I'd like to do. First of all, I'd like to get far away from these wars. Somewhere where I can be myself. Somewhere where I will be excepted. I don't exactly love the vampires but I beleive they aren't all bad. I heard their messenger/spy use'd to be a big fighter. But when he lost his sight they cast him out, like me. His name is Incendio, I would like to meet him.


I wake up and feel the early sun beating down on my black hair. Ugh! I hatd my black hair. I go over to my stand and tie up my hair. I walk out into the sun, the golden light bathed my skin. I walk lightly to the kings tent. "Sir, may I come in?" I ask. I hear a small grunt and open the tent flap. "Oh yes! Noctturno, I wanted you to go and keep an eye on this Incendio I've heard of" he sais. I nod and leave. So much for asking for a day off. I walk along the river and dawdle staring into the depths of the water. Suddenly I feel a slow vibration in the ground. I spin around and come face to face with a...boy? I leap across the lake. Yes, leap. I land on the other side but while I leap I change into a crow. I'm hovering over the lake when I notice the boys looking around blindly. I slowly fly over to him. Not making a noise I land on a branch. His head snaps around, and it looks like he's looking at me. He runs over to me and jumps onto the branch. I didn't expect this. He grabs me around my bird neck. When he feels the feathers he looks puzzled. But then it's like he remembered something and he hung on tighter. I try to pull free of his firm grasp. But I stopped struggling, I knew it was hopeless. He didn't glance at me, and then I knew for sure that he was Incendio. I know my only hope of getting free is to change. I quickly change into a human and wack his wrist back. I smile at him, I know he couldn't see but I did. "I've been wanting to meet you" I say breathlessly.  "You, wanted to" he asks almost like he didn't beleive it. I nod then remembe he can't see. "Ya" I say to him. He puts his head in his hands. I noticed he had brown hair with black, gold and red running through it. "You do know I should have killed you by now?" he finally sais. "Same" I say to him, with a nervous laugh at the end. "We shouldn't be talking, wait...ok I felt feathers and now I'm talking to the same thing...are you Noctturno?" he asks. "How did you guess?" I ask with a histerical giggle at the end. He frowns, and jumps down to the ground. I follow him. "Sorry, I gotta go" I say and run through the forest. I hear the faint footsteps but I ignore that. He's a vampire, I have to tell myself.

The End

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