Moon MadnessMature

Being raised as a human by her aunt has it's effects on Synn Collins when she discovers the truth about what she is

        She could not believe that this was actually happening..she was at the freaking senior prom with the quarter back of the schools team and just about the hottest guy coming or going.

       When the bathroom door squeeked open Synn Collins  barely spared a glance at the two girls who walked in,their dresses swaying about long legs and their heavily made up eyes darting everywhere but at her but evidently the tall brunette couldn't stand the silence for long.

     "You know Cherise..The guys on the football team have a bet going on who has the best date for their dog date night."She cooed,batting her spider leg looking lashes innocently."Felix says that Lee's gonna win..Oh shit,so sorry,I didn't see you there..say,Aren't you Lees date?"

        "Heather,Come on,be nice..geez,she never did nothing to you."The pretty little blonde girl stated,shaking her head slightly.

      Dog date?  She knew she wasn't drop dead gorgeous but she wasn't butt ugly either,she had nice toffee colored hair that had enough body to it to make it look thicker than it actually was and people always told her that she had eyes to die for,deep green pools of emerald between long silver tipped lashes that tilted up at the outer corners.

       Okay,So she only stood five feet two inches in her bare feet,and her mouth was a bit too wide for her slightly pointed oval face,a bit too sulky to be considered sexy..and so what if she had a chest that most would consider a bit on the small side..she was still a person.

         Before she knew what she was going to do Synn burst from the girls bathroom and raced toward the gaily decorated gymnasium as fast as she dared to go on these impossibly high heels,she certainly didn't want to twist her ankle before she could rip out Lees heart and feed it to him!

       She was about halfway to the gym when the first twinge of a spasm shook her and she cried out as she collapsed onto the cold tiled floor,her arms folded across her convulsing abdomen.

          Something told her to escape,to get outside and she managed to climb to her feet by keeping a hand on the wall of the hallway..she kept it on the wall for support as she made her way to the exit doors,ignoring a voice calling her name when she wandered past the gymnasium doors.

     Once outside she closed her eyes and took a deep breath,then another,filling her head with the scents of night blooming jasmine,honeysuckle and cigarette smoke that drifted toward her from somewhere close by then she glanced around wildly,looking for her route of escape and finding it.

     She stumbled toward the wooded area around the school,wondering what the hell was going on..she felt like her bones were popping and shifting,like her tendons were stretching and adjusting to accomodate something  and although she wanted to scream her voice only came out as a confused whimper when her skin actually began to ripple over muscle and sinew.


       Her upper lip curved back to reveal teeth that looked more canine than human when she heard Lees call and she threw herself into the safety of the woods,ignoring the fact that her dress got ripped on a saw palmetto that grabbed at her as she shoved past it.

             She only knew that she had to keep going until she dropped..and she kept her eyes glued to that reddish full moon ridsing the horizon of the star flecked sky,knowing somehow that it was guiding her every movement now.

The End

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