Josh tossed the crumpled piece of paper up in the air, lazily sprawled out over the sofa. He groaned as the paper flew too far from his hand, landing in front of a pacing Asher. He frowned at him before picking the paper up and tossing it at Josh's face. 

"You haven't heard a thing I've said have you?" 

Josh closed his eyes and let out yet another groan. It was two hours after Mindy had left. Asher had attempted to give his ultimatum then and there until he realized that his 'Teen Show' was on. So being the die hard fan of a show where the bad guy is actually a caring person and the good guy was actually a backstabber, Asher had ordered Josh not to move from the couch. His requests for food had been denied and his only source of entertainment had been the crumpled piece of paper.

"Yeah, yeah I heard some of it. Break up with Eclipse or something." Josh's eyes opened wide at the same instant Asher stopped pacing. "Err did I say-"

"Who the hell is Eclipse?" Asher asked, his tone suddenly lowering to a deathly whisper. It was that kind of tone that scared Josh, warning him of his friend's angry outburst that was soon to come. 

Josh stared down at the floor. "She's just a girl..."

"Jeez Josh...have you been two timing Mindy?" Josh stared up at Asher's face, feelings of shock, disgust and a hint of surprise present on his face. He shook his head and sat cross legged on the floor. "You realize Mindy's going to kill you for this."

Josh nodded, staring at the ceiling. "Not if she doesn't find out she won't."

"But what about this Eclipse girl? First of all how'd you even meet her? Second of all why would you agree to date her? A girl's emotions are a powerful thing Josh and toying with them is just plain despicable. I mean really you're no better than those muscle-heads at the gym. And don't get me started on how they're both thinking of you right now, planning out all your dates and romantic moments and..."

Asher's voice became inaudible as Josh's mind began to float away. He was getting himself into the zone, a place where he focused on one thing and one thing alone be it video games or in this case girls.

I've got to get a grip on myself. I mean first there's this whole Mindy situation and then this whole thing with Eclipse...God I almost forgot about Moon Girl. 

Josh remembered a time when stuff like girls never really mattered to him. And a time where Moon Girl didn't affect his decisions or mess him up in some way. Heck this whole Moon Girl thing didn't happen until he went to that park with Mindy and her folks...

Suddenly it hit him, like the runaway basketball that pelted him during seventh grade. The Moon Girl dream didn't occur until after he had visited the park for Mindy's family reunion. What this had to do with his current situation he had no idea. But if he could find out a little more about the Moon Girl, maybe his troubles would disappear. A fat chance but then again risks had never stopped him before.

"...and getting married and finding the perfect honey moon place and booking the right hotel where everything isn't a scam including some handsome Cuban fellow-"

Josh let out a little squeak, much like the one at Cap'n Cods. The squeak had the same effect as it did in the restaurant, Asher quickly shutting up and giving him a very strange look. Josh got up from the sofa and bear hugged his shocked friend. 

"Dude I know how I'm going to fix this thing between me, the Moon girl, Eclipse and Mindy!" He grinned widely and made his way towards his room stretching his arms and yawning, "First I'm gonna' need some sleep if I'm gonna' put this plan to action."

As the door slammed shut, Asher stood rooted to the spot. He closed his eyes and shook his head, finally making his way towards the kitchen. He grabbed a small bottle of diet cola before slouching on the counter and saying, "There's a third girl?"



The End

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