Dodging the Bullet

Josh closed his eyes and exhaled. Of course in order to add to my current predicament, this happens Josh thought. He opened hsi eyes and forced himself to smile. "Mindy! Of course I remember you.. after all we are dating."

Mindy blinked and slanted her hips. "Oh really? We were dating?"

"Well yeah...." Josh mumbled. He reeled backwards as Mindy exploded in a fit of rage.


Josh winced then calmy said, "I've been...busy lately."

"That's a load of bull Josh!" Mindy yelled again. She marched towards Josh and poked his chest with her finger. Although she had to look up to glare at Josh, this act was usually a very intimidating one. For her short stature in comparison to Josh, she usually won most of their discussions and arguments. This was due to the fact that she was a very persuasive person who was slow to give up. Well that and because Josh knew she was a black belt in Judo and kickboxing... "All you do is sit on your ass all day playing video games or just being plain lazy!"

Josh glared back at her. "Well maybe I got a job Mindy!" he yelled.

Mindy gave a sarcastic laugh. "Josh Withropp getting a job!? Ha what you do lose a bet?"

"No I did not lose a bet Mindy, I got a job because I wanted to earn myself a litle coin!" Josh looked in another direction before quietly and quickly adding "and cause Asher forced me to"


Asher closed his eyes and mouthed a word to vulgar to mention.

"So you mean gay man over there made you get a job or else you couldn't go home?" Mindy slowly asked. Josh nodded reluctantly, hoping he did not just screw his friend over royally. Suddenly Mindy's face changed from an enraged one to a sympathetic one. "Oh Josh," she cooed, wrapping her arms around him. Josh stared in shock before turing to Asher. His mouth was wide open and he shared Josh's expression of shock.

"Ummm...does this mean you're not mad?" Josh quietly asked.

"No Joshie-poo, I'm not mad at you," Mindy said. Her arms were still wrapped around Josh in a contrictive manner. "I'm mad at myself for being so misunderstanding."

Josh blinked twice then patted Mindy in the back. "It's...okay?"

"You know you coulda crashed with me babe?" Mindy said looking up at Josh. "Right?"

Josh gave her another forced smile. "Oh yeah, I'm sorry I forgot..." The  reality was Josh knew he could but then he'd have to face her stuck up family... a family which despised him. Of course he felt likewise but he coudln't just tell Mindy that. "Don't worry though, me and Asher got this stuff sorted out now, right Ash?"

Asher gave him a confused look but nodded furiously when Mindy cast her cold "I'm going to kill you" glare. "Yea...yeah!"

"Mindy turned back to Josh. "Promise you'll phone when you have time?"

Josh nodded. "I promise." Mindy smiled and kissed him on the cheek before casting Asher one more glare and heading out. Josh closed the door and sunk to the floor, breathing a sigh of releif. However it was short lived as Asher towered over him with dead serious look on his face.

"Josh I'm issuing you my second ultimatum of the day..."

The End

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