Reality bites.

"Earth to Josh, come in Josh."

Josh snapped out of his trance and stared at Eclipse who was hovering beside him. "Wha?"

"I said get your ass outta the chair Josh, it's closing time," Eclipse explained. "Unless you'd rather stay here?"

Josh shook his head. "Yeah-no. I think I'll take the bus."

 Eclipse shook her head and turned around.” Sorry Josh, its too late now, bus just left." she said. She put her ipod earphones around her ear and made her way towards the door. "Seeya Niko!" she yelled. 

"Safe walk kiddo," Niko yelled back. He nodded at Josh before leaving out the restaurant's back exit.

Josh sprang to his feet and grabbed hold of Eclipse's shoulder. She turned around to face him. "Wait so I have to walk?" Josh complained.

Eclipse nodded. "Seems so." Josh groaned, earning him a slap in the arm. "Come now you're not that lazy are you?" Eclipse mocked. Josh nodded, his head rapidly moving up and down. Eclipse saighed before placing her ipod and its earphones back in her pocket. "I guess I could walk with you if you're that scared." she teased.

"Hey!" Josh said. "I am not scared! That being said though, a little company never hurt anyone..."


"So...what's it like sharing an apartment with a gay man?" Eclipse asked Josh. They had been walking for half an hour now, and it wouldn't be long until they hit her apartment. Funny enough, it was the apartment right across from Josh's.

"Well it's okay I suppose," Josh said. "We've had our ups and downs, our awkward moments too."

Eclipse raised her eyebrow. "By mean gay moments right?"

"You could say they were pretty gay." Josh coolly answered. It took him a moment before he realized what he had just said. "Wait...that came out wrong..."

Eclipse laughed. "Alright then Josh, keep tryign to convince me you're not gay!" 

"But I'm not I swear!" Josh argued. He continued to try to convince a laughing Eclipse that he was straight for the next fifteen minutes until they arrived at her apartment.

"All right then Josh," Eclipse said with muffled laughs. She took three deep breaths and closed her eyes before she turned back to Josh and looked him straight in the eyes. "I still think you're gay."

Josh felt his face go red. It wasn't just the embarrassing statement by Eclipse; it was also the fact she was standing so close to him that he had to look down. He could feel her warm, sweet breath on his face as he stammered, "I'm not...what can I do to prove you wrong?"

Eclipse looked at the sky for a moment before staring back at Josh. “I don’t know Josh, what could you do?”

“Well…there is one thing I could do,” Josh responded. Eclipse smiled at him and batted her eyelashes. Suddenly Josh backed away, a puzzled look forming on Eclipse’s face. “I…better be going Eclipse, I’ll see you at work tomorrow.” Josh quickly turned and began to speed walk all the way to his apartment, Eclipse staring at his quickly disappearing silhouette in confusion.


As Josh made his way up the elevator, a hundred thoughts were racing in his mind. I could have kissed Eclipse…but that would be cheating on The Moon Girl… He shook his head. Get a hold of yourself Withropp. For all we know, that girl is just a really, really hot dream, nothing more. The elevator beeped and opened and Josh walked through it, closing his eyes and running his hands through his hair in frustration. As he approached the door to his room, he heard a rapid tapping sound. He knocked on the door yelling, “Asher, let me in! I got a job and I can prove it!” The door opened a slight bit, allowing a little bit of light to seep through. Josh opened the door fully and came face to face with a very flustered and angry looking Mindy. Asher was behind her, holding what seemed to be his crotch.

“Hello Josh,” Mindy said flatly. “Remember me?”

The End

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