Things get better and better...

Josh was standing on top of the whole, staring at the black sky waiting. It was a moon less night, with only the stars providing him with any source of light. Josh sighed. "Where is she?" he said to himself.

Suddenly he felt himself be tackled from behind. "What the?"

"Guess who?" The voice was music to Josh's ears.

"Hey," Josh said to the Moon Girl. He turned himself so he was directly under her, lying face to face. "Little late arn't we?"

The Moon girl stared in another direction. "I'm's powers are kind of fading."


"Josh I won't for a bit...maybe two days."

"Two days." Josh mouthed.

"I promise I'll be back Josh,"  The Moon girl closed her eyes and kissed him. As she stood up, she began to fade away, her body become almost invisible. "Bye...don't forget me ok?"

"Wait..." Josh pleaded. But his effort was useless as a bright flash engulfed his vision... 

"Josh wake up!" Eclipse yelled through the megaphone. Her voice was magnified by the loudspeaker, which happened to be placed right besides Josh's right ear...

"WHAT THE HELL!!" Josh yelled in pain. He was clutching his right ear, cussing like a seasoned sailor.

"Whoa," Niko commented from behind Eclipse. His long hair was being held in a hairnet. "The kid's got some mouth."

Eclispe stared at Josh then at the customers who were staring at him.

"Mommy," A little girl said to her mother. She was pulling the coat of coat of her mother, who was satring at Josh. "That man said a lot of bad words!"

"Yes I know dear," the woman said to her daughter. She shook her head at Josh and turned to Eclipse. "Can we make our order to go?"


Asher was home early that day, and as he made his way out of the bus stop, he couldn't help but feel a little bit of guilt for taking Josh's keys. "There's no other way," Asher reminded himself. He was Asher's best friend but he was a lazy ass. "This is good for him..teaches him responsibility, duty, leadership, valour..." Asher stopepd himself at the last word. "Man I feel like one of those drill sergents." Asher thought of the idea, being surrounded by many strong, tall men. Then he shrugged off the idea and laughed. "It seems I have developed a new fantasy..."

Luke, the man at the front desk of the apartment was busy with a rubix cube when he heard the front bell ring. "Can I help you maam or sir?"

"Could you tell me where Josh Withropp lives?" a femine voice cooed.

"Sure he lives in room-" Luke looked up and his jaw dropped. Standing in front of him was in his opinion a very hot blonde wearing ripped jeans shorts shorts and white tank top. She was tapping her foot impatiently and giving him a "I'm going to kill if you don't hurry up" kind of look.

"Room what?" She snapped.

"Room 113 second floor." Luke stammered. His eyes were still wide open when the woman left, not even taking the time to say thanks. "Damn," he swore to himself.

Asher was making his way up the flight of stairs that seperated him from his home. He was heading for the levator but Luke, the doorman had said it was being used. 

"Sorry bro," he said. "Some feisty blonde chick just left in it. And man you do not wanna be stuck with her, no matter how hot she is."

Asher scratched his head as he opened the door to his floor. He was staring at the ground as he walked, thinking "Why the hell does this "fiesty" chick sound so damn..."

"Asher," the blonde chick flatly adressed him. Asher looked up and felt his heart stop and goose bumps rise up his spine.

"Mindy! It's been to long, how are you?" Asher said with mock enthusiasm.

"Where the hell's Josh?" she demanded.

 Mindy Queens. A high school senior, a prep, a fashionista and by some people a ice cold killing machine. She was beautiful but deadly, able to be un-naturally nice or extra nasty. She was the strongest and meanest girl in her school and unfortunately,  Josh's..."

"As his girlfriend, I demand to know where he is!" she continued to yell.

Asher sighed and scratched his head. "You guy's are still dating?"

He never saw the kick aimed to his groind coming until it was too late...

The End

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