Your hired... if you keep quiet.

Josh blinked to consciousness. Kneeling close to his face was the moon girl. She smiled at him. "You alright?"

Josh rubbed his nose as he sat up. "I think I'll survive." Josh said. The girl laughed and wrapped her arms him.

"Glad to see that," she said. As she let go, a bright light began to blind Josh. "I have to go now." the girl said.

Josh sprung to his feet. "Wait! You said you'd meet me here!"

The girl turned to him. "In a way Josh, we are meeting each other." Josh stared in confusion. He opened his mouth to protest when everything went white...

"Wait!" Josh yelled. What happened next was a blur to him. One minute he was standing upright, the next he was tingling with pain on the white tiled floor. "Ouch."

"Good, your awake." a male voice said.

"Josh turned around and looked at two people dressed in similar blue uniform. The guy who had called him had long, brown hair and brown eyes. The girl who stood beside him had black hair streaked with red, her startlingly similar gray eyes staring at him. She sighed in relief and ran to help Josh up.

"Hey you alright? You had quite the ummm... bump on the head."

The man raised his eyebrows. "Now, now Eclipse tell the truth."

Eclipse stuck her tongue out at the man. "What are you talking about Niko?"

Josh glanced back and forth as the two started bickering. "STOP!" Josh yelled raising his arms in the air. Eclipse and Niko stopped and turned to him. "Okay, now that everyone's all chilled, can someone tell me what happened?" 

Niko smiled as Eclispe started tapping her fingers together. "Mmmkay, truthfully you ran into the door I was opening," She stopped and raised a finger at Josh. "Before you lay any charges, I'd like to tell you I thought you were hurt what with all the screaming you were doing."

Josh stared at Eclipse. Her eyes... he thought. Josh had never seen anyone with gray eyes in his entire life. Except for the girl in his dreams. Could she be her?  Josh shook his head dismissing the idea. The moon girl had long gray hair, not short black hair that was streaked. Still there was some kind of resemblance. "I'm not going to sue," Josh mumbled looking upwards. The girl was kneeling right in front of him, her face and fist dangerously close to his. Josh yelped and flung himself backwards, smashing into the counter. "Eeeep!" Josh yelped. He rubbed his back in pain once more, his face turning red out of embarrassment as Eclipse and Niko laughed,

"Oh my god, I'm sorry again!" Eclipse tried to apologize through laughter.

"Holy crap this kids splitting my sides!" Niko snickered.

Josh brought his panda hat over his face. Just stand up and walk away he thought. Suddenly his hat was pulled from his head, along with some strands of hair. Josh let out another high-pitched squeak, causing his face to turn a deeper shade of red. A fine fool you've made of yourself in front of complete strangers Josh!


Eclipse couldn't help but burst into laughter again. This boy was a riot! Although she had caused him pain, he made it sound so funny that all her guilt from her earlier accident had all but vanished. "I'm sorry for the third time!" Eclipse said. She breathed deeply, hoping to cause her giddiness to subside. When she finally calmed down, she began to stare at Josh. He had messy brown hair, chestnut eyes and a handsome face. He was also had a well toned body, which was covered by jeans and a shirt with a small panda bear samurai in a pose. He's a nerd, Eclipse thought to herself. But he is a pretty cute nerd.

Niko coughed, catching Eclipse’s attention. He flashed her an evil smile and his eyes moved form her to the boy. Eclipse felt her face go pink. “Shut up!” she snapped.

Niko shrugged. “Didn’t say anything.”

Eclipse turned her attention back to Josh. “I’m sorry, we haven’t been properly introduced. I’m Eclipse Moreno.” She pointed to the longhaired man. “And that joker is Niko Vladsmnir.”

“Sup?” Niko greeted.

“Hi,” Josh said weakly. “I’m Josh…. Josh Withropp. I’m…” Suddenly Josh stopped talking. If he told them why he came in, they would think he was crazy. He began to look around the store, hoping an excuse would pop into his head. “I’m looking for a job?” he said puzzled. He noticed the Help Wanted sigh at the front window. He might as well get a job; otherwise he’d be locked out of his apartment.

Eclipse stared at him. “Uh sure, can we see your resume?”

Josh froze. Oh crap!

Niko leaped over the counter and picked Josh up. “Not a problem, the job’s yours if you promise not to mention this “unfortunate accident” to our boss.”

Josh nodded. “My lips are sealed.”

“We have a new co-worker!” Eclipse yelled. She began jumping and down, cheering and waving her hands in the air.

Josh stared at her. Definitely not the moon girl, he assured himself.


The End

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