Chaos at Cap'n Cods.

Josh opened his eyes and stood face to face with the girl. She smiled at him and held his hands, fondling with his fingers. She gazed up at him with her gray eyes. As Josh leaned towards her, she suddenly turned away. She turned back to him, a look of confusion on his face.

"I have to go," she said. She let go of Josh and began to walk away. Josh stared starstruck for a moment before running after her. He grabbed her and spun her towards him.

"Wait, who are you?" Josh asked. She leaned close to him. Josh thought she was going to kiss him so he closed his eyes. Instead he felt a finger on his lips. He opened his eyes and the girl was giggling.

"You see me every full moon Josh," she said. "But meet me tonight at Cap'n Cod okay" She started to walk away, Josh standing there confused.

"What the hell's the Cap'n Cod?" Josh yelled.

The girl turned around. “Remember Josh, keep your mind open and look beyond what you see. Look past the moon and see the Eclipse…” Then she disappeared in a brilliant flash of light.

As Josh shielded his eyes, one thought rang in his head. “WHAT THE HELL’S THE CAP’N COD?!

"It's a restaurant free loader now off my bus!"

Josh yelled to consciousness, falling off the bus seat. As he struggled to his feet, the white-haired and tubby bus driver tapped his foot impatiently. "Wha?" Josh asked half dazed.

The driver rolled his eyes. "Its a restaurant near here. Now get off my bus, you've been on here for the last half hour."

Josh eyes widened. Had he been asleep that long? He continued to ask himself this as he made his way out of the bus and onto the sidewalk. He gazed around at the many stores around him. "Guess I'm downtown," Josh said to himself. He started to make his way down the sidewalk, hoping to find this "Cap'n Cod.


Niko Vladsmnir pulled out a cigarette from his pocket along with a shiny Zippo lighter. His long, brown hair was tied in into a ponytail, another degrading reason he hated working at Cap’n Cod. That coupled with the smell and the devil of a boss made him wonder why he got the job in the first place. Then he would always remember. I’m a poor and lazy idiot who’s a certified high school dropout. Niko breathed out a cloud of smoke. “I really got to stop smoking this crap,” Niko told himself. He raised his arm to throw the cigarette when a slim, figure made her way towards him. Her shoudler length black hair bounced as she walked, one side of her face covered by her bangs which were streaked red. She was dancing to music blaring from her I-pod.

“Cut the tobacco Niko,” she yelled at him. “Bad for your health and your karma.”

Niko rolled his eyes. “I can quit any damn time I want to Eclipse!” he yelled. He threw the cigarette on the ground and stepped on it. The girl smiled at him and clapped.

“That a boy Niko, fight the power!” she cheered.

Niko rolled his eyes. Eclipse Moreno was the strangest woman he had ever met. Other than her name, the way she dressed surprised him as well. She dressed like an “emo” but did not behave in any way related to “emos” Rather she was the complete opposite, being happy, giddy and hyper. She was also very, very into the “magic” of karma. She went out of her way to do good deeds, or make amends for any bad deeds she might have done. But she was also very honest and kind, unlike those stuck up pretty girls who complained about everything and backstabbed one another. However she was a teensie bit overemotional.

Eclipse made her way through the door. “Hurry up Niko, stores are going to opening soon.”

Niko sighed followed the girl in when he noticed a man with messy brown hair wearing a stupid looking Panda hat looking around. He glanced from building to building, looking for something. “Poor sucker’s lost.” Niko said to himself. He shook his head and entered the restaurant.


Josh groaned as he peered at the many buildings. Obviously no one woke up this early because there were hardly any people there or stores open. “How the hell am I supposed to find this… what was it, Sergant salmon…no. Corporal Carp….nah. First -mate fish?” Josh laughed. No. That’s not right. Suddenly Josh spotted a “help wanted” sign in the window of a store he passed. He felt a giggle coming on as he noticed it was a giant fish with a sailor’s hat. “What idiot thought of that?” Josh said to himself, stifling his laughter. Then it hit him.

“Meet me tonight at Cap'n Cod okay?”

“She’s in here!” Josh exclaimed. His heart soared. He was going to finally meet his dream girl! He ran at the door, only to be flung backwards after a very painful hit to the nose. Josh gave a small yelp before landing on the ground with a thud. He saw a female figure approach him before everything went black.


Niko couldn’t help sigh as he saw Eclipse standing over a young man’s body, blood trickling down his nose. Here he thought something incredibly life threatening had happened.

“OH MY GOD!” Eclipse sobbed. Tears were running down her face as she shook the unconscious man. “Niko call 9-1-1 this guy’s hurt and it’s all my fault!”

“What the hell happened?” Niko asked trying to sound serious.

Eclipse stared at him, her black makeup running down her face. “Well I heard yelling and went to open the door and he…ran into it.”

Niko stared dumbstruck for a moment before his face crinkled and he erupted in a fit of laughter.

“This isn’t funny Niko!” Eclipse yelled. Niko couldn’t help but laugh harder as the young woman bawled her eyes out over such a small incident.

“Just settle down Eclipse,” Niko assured her, trying to hold back his laughter. “We have some napkins inside. Let’s clean him up.”

Eclipse nodded, tears still dripping down her face. Niko kept snickering to himself as he picked u the boy and carried him inside, Eclipse holding the boy’s hand the whole time




The End

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