Moon Girl

This is a longer, more detailed version of a short story I'm entering in a contest. It's about Joshua Withropp, a 23 year old man who keeps having visions about this silver haired girl. This story follows Josh's attempt to find the girl, all while keeping his hectic life in balance.

Two figures lay atop a hill. The moon basked them in their glow, the girl on top of the boy. The girl pushed the brown haired boy’s messy hair to the side. The boy stared longingly into the girls sparkling gray eyes. He played with the girl’s bleach white hair, and then slowly pulled her close to him. As the girl leaned closer she closed her eyes. The boy responded likewise as their lips met...

“Wakey, wakey Joshua.” A voice buzzed.

Josh Withropp struggled to open his eyes. When he did a short, redheaded man’s face was staring dangerously close to his face. Josh let out a surprised yelp before falling off his bed and onto the hard floor with a thud. “Ouch!” Josh complained gripping his head.
The man stared at him. “Sorry bout that,” he apologized. He stretched out his hand to help Josh up.

“No problem Asher,” Josh responded. He took Asher’s hand and stood on his feet. He rubbed his head, which was in pain. Then he stared at his roommate. Asher McClung was not only his best friend, but also his roommate. He was also the one in charge handling the money, seeing as he had a job while Josh didn’t. Asher was a pretty cool dude, tall, muscular and very athletic. He would have made the perfect stud, the perfect ladies man except for one minor detail. He was gay as a peach. Although Josh had to admit, Asher was a very cool gay.

Asher began to walk towards their small kitchen, reaching in the fridge and pulling out a carton of eggs. “Hungry?” he asked. “I’m making scrambled eggs.”Josh nodded, taking his shirt off and heading towards the bathroom. “Give me three!” he yelled. Before Asher could protest, Josh slammed the door shut.

“Well there goes my brekkie,” Asher sighed. He started preparing the scrambled eggs when he stopped and ran towards the bathroom. “Josh! You want pepper on your eggs?” He opened the door and caught a glimpse at Josh’s ass before he grabbed his towel, covering his backside.

“DUDE!” Josh yelled. “NOT COOL!!”

Asher laughed and covered his eyes with his hands. “Someone isn’t confident with their own body,” he said. “I happen to find your butt very attractive.”

“Oh ha ha,” Josh said. He then motioned Asher to leave. “And I want salt on my scrambled eggs please.” Asher nodded and closed the door.

Josh sighed and took off his towel. As he turned the showerhead on, he began to think about his dream. This is the third week I’ve had that dream Josh thought. He sighed. This girl, whoever she was, was beautiful. And not like his current girlfriend Mindy who was the “I’m beautiful and I know it” but the “You think I’m beautiful?” kind of beautiful. Strange? Josh thought so. He then stepped out of the shower and wiped himself dry before the aroma of scrambled eggs alerted his nostrils.

“BREAKFAST!” Asher yelled.


Josh attempted to get some more sleep on the moving bus Asher and him were on. However the bus rocked like a boat in a storm so he gave up, growling in annoyance.

“Somebody’s in a grumpy mood,” Asher said. Josh turned to insult Asher when he realized he was reading a magazine, meaning anything he said would be ignored. Josh noticed Asher was wearing his "cool" black jacket.

"What's with the wacky get up?" Josh sneered.

"What's with he stupid hat?" Asher snapped back.

Josh cringed. He took off his hat which was a panda bear head toque. "It is not stupid!"

Asher rolled his eyes before placing his magazine aside. He crossed his arms and closed his eyes. "Josh, I'm issuing you an ultimatum."

"An ulti-what?" Josh asked. He turned his head in confusion, the string of the panda hat swinging left and right. 

"A threat Josh," Asher explained. "You will find a job today otherwise I lock you out of the apartment."

Josh laughed. "Hello! I have a key too you know."

"Oh really?" Asher questioned. He took out a ring of keys with a panda samurai figure on it. Josh satred in shock before checking his pockets.

"Where'd you get that?!" Josh exclaimed. The bus came to a stop near a large building with a barbell on it. They gym were Asher worked. As he exited the bus he turned to Josh. "Swiped it when you were sleeping, happy job hunting!"

"Why you little!" Josh yelled. The bus began to move away as Asher entered the building, Josh still yelling insults.

"Stupid smart gay jerk!" Josh said to himself. But Asher did have a point. He really should get a job. Josh spread his body, occupying three chairs as he closed his eyes. Who knows, Maybe I'll find that girl...whoever she is.



The End

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