Spike had the other wolf pinned down. Spike was angry. Very angry. The other wolf rolled over and tried to bite Spike's neck. Spike tipped the wolf over and held him down with his front legs.

The unknown wolf rolled out from under Spike again and managed to bite down hard on Spike's back leg. Spike yelped and kicked out with the other leg. The wolf started to get cocky and moved a bit more slowly. That meant Spike could get his teeth in him. He gripped the wolf's front leg and shook him around a bit.

I didn't want either of them hurt - even the one I didn't know - so I howled, drawing the pack instantly. Nephi was the first in the small clearing. He came over to me and herded me back towards one of the trees as he could see I was going to intervene at any moment. Zev and Thor came next. Zev quickly understood the situation and pounced onto the 'intruder' as he'd call it; he was extremely serious about our territory.

Zev grabbed the wolf by the scruff of his neck and dragged him away from Spike. Spike was about to continue fighting but, with a short bark from David, didn't. Zev snarled at the other wolf. The wolf looked at me which made Spike growl.

Zev pressed the wolf, walking slowly towards him, trying to drive him away. The wolf crouched and lowered his tail. He flattened his ears and backed away. He gave me one last look before turning around and running away.

I pushed past Nephi and rushed to Spike. I touched his chin with my nose and rubbed my head against his neck. He licked my jaw and looked around at the pack, telling me he didn't want to do any big shows of affection in front of them. I nodded once and walked past him. I went to David and stood next to him. He looked down at me and probably knew what I was thinking.

I should have been going out with David, he was the Alpha male, I was the Alpha female. That was how it worked. Everyone knew it and I was sure that it was causin havoc behind my back. No one would dare to talk against me, for fear I would attack them. I loved Spike, at least I thought I did, but what did 13 year olds know about love? I sighed inwardly and wandered off, away from the pack.

I was subconsciously heading home and the sun had only been down for an hour or two at most. I wandered for a bit longer before stopping. I had no idea where I was but I was tired. I lay down against a tree and fell asleep to thoughts of what the hell I was supposed to do.

The End

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