Eight - Council

The darkness didn’t make much difference to what the four of them could see. David, Nate, Gryphon and Chase stood together, looking around at the gathered wolves. They were the largest group. All except them were in twos; the Alphas, male and female.

Don’t speak unless spoken to, said David as he did every council.

The others didn’t reply. The moonless night cast no shadows and only the outlines of those gathered could be seen. A human would be able to see – not very well though – after becoming accustomed to the low-light levels. A wolf would only be able to see a little better. But the… let’s call them werewolves – the werewolves had both these levels of sight, making them more than well equipped for living in the night.

The gathered Alphas – or groups – could talk amongst themselves or project their thoughts to all. Some looked uneasy around so many strangers, though not many were strangers as council was held every six months.

So, brothers and sisters, said Elvin, leader of the werewolves,welcome to another council. Tonight we shall talk of the past six months, hopefully with fondness. But perhaps some will look back at the time with hate, or disgust. But let us begin nevertheless.

And so the werewolves, in turn, spoke of their packs, of new additions, of losses, of fights or of reconciliation. While the talking was going on, David had a horrible, wretched feeling in his stomach, like something bad had happened. But, if somethinghadhappened, the pack would contact him… surely?

The End

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