Moon Child

I watched the cars from the trees. The rain was pouring and few cars sped down the slippery road. My ear twitched as a drop of water fell into it. The dead-straight road and my good eyesight let me watch the car as I ran through the vegetation.

Stop it, Ingrid,came David’s voice in my head. I ignored him and carried on running.

I bent my back legs slightly and launched myself through the air. I landed in front of the car, which came to a sudden stop as my paws hit the tarmac. I jumped on the bonnet and onto the roof. I leapt to the ground and ran.

The rain felt good as it hit my face again and again. There was no wind, but the downpour kept me cool. The moonlight didn’t penetrate the cover of the trees. I slowed to a walk and was instantly surrounded by the others.

What was the point of that, Ingrid? asked David. I growled at him in response.

Ingrid, are you okay? asked Dan.

I’m fine, I said, holding back the unfounded anger I was feeling.

Thor moved towards me. I snapped at him and growled. He backed away with his head to the ground submissively. I pushed past Matt and walked away from all 28 of the pack. They were worried about me. That was all. I knew that, I just didn’t like it. I got their worried glances at school, I didn’t need them at night as well.

Spike bounded up to me and whined slightly. He moved closer to me and touched my head with his. I rubbed against his side. He nipped my ear good-naturedly. I snapped at him playfully and ran off. He bounded after me. Nate joined in our game for a bit, before he was called away by David for ‘official business’.

After we got bored, Spike and I went to follow Nikolai around. He was constantly muttering to himself, which we all heard via our power of telepathy. We just learnt to just block him out.

Nik? Spike said.

What? responded Nikolai.

We’re bored.


Nik, come on, let’s go and do something, I begged, in a much better mood.

Ingrid, why don’t you and Spike go find Erik? he suggested.

I whined. Fine.Come on, Spike.

We walked away, pushing past Nik needlessly. Erik was lying down at the base of a tree, watching a raven. He didn't appear to notice us approach. The raven was pecking at the corpse of the deer we’d taken down much earlier in the evening. I looked at the sky. Through the leaves, the sky was lighting up; the sun was rising.

Erik? I said.

What? he asked.

Why are you watching a raven?

They’re interesting birds.

If you say so. I turned to Spike. I’m going home now.

See you later, he said.


I ran towards home. It wasn’t much, just a small cottage in virtually the middle of nowhere. I lived there with my parents. Just us. I had no siblings; I was hard enough to look after alone, let alone alongside another child. That was what I was told. That was only half the reason my parents never had another kid though. The other half was that they were worried – scared even – of the second child being like me: a freak. They’d never admit to it though.

I jumped the fence and sauntered up to the back door. I pushed through the big pet door and made a face that was meant to be a scowl but who knows what it looked like on a wolf. I padded over to the dining table and jumped up on my back legs with my front paws on the wood. I grabbed the large blue towel in my teeth and hurried to my room as fast as I could.

I hopped onto the bed and waited for the sun to pull itself above the horizon. Eventually it did. And I became a 13 year old girl again.

The End

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