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I sat quiet and still on the three-legged stool in front of a large floor-to-ceiling mirror. I was staring closely at my reflection. Considering there really wasn’t much else to stare at but the walls, I was getting a little bored with this experiment. I crossed and uncrossed my ankles and then leaned forward with my elbows propped on my knees, holding my head up with my chin on my palms. What I was staring at was unremarkable. An average girl, with an average appearance was staring back at me. I had long, and wildly wavy red hair, with skin with a few blemishes here and there, and deep, dull, green eyes. Dull because I was so bored I was about to fall asleep. I tapped my fingers impatiently against my knee and let out a frustrated groan.

“No one said this job would always be exciting.” A man’s voice came over the loud-speaker. I didn’t break my gaze from the reflection but let out an annoyed chuckle.

“Actually, you did. On my first day here. “There is never a dull moment. Every minute working with me will be the most exciting time of your life. There will always be something to do.” I quoted. And that was what he had said. Word for word.

“Yeah, well, that was just to get you to work for me.”  I heard a cackle. I pursed my lips and shook my head. I thought, probably for the millionth time, what on earth had I gotten myself into?

“Evil master mind, you are.  Convincing young girls to do your bidding.” I said sarcastically.

“You know it, doll!” He laughed and I tore my gaze away for a moment and glared at a mirror on the wall to my left hand side. It was a mirror to me, but to everyone on the other side, they were simply observing me.  Why I got to be the guinea pig, I had no idea. But that’s how it usually happened.

“How much longer? I’m getting hungry! I’ve been here for at least four hours!” I whined.  I fell silent and examined my reflection again. It was probably about 20 minutes later when I heard a door open and the clacking of heels on the cement.  A girl came into my view and I glanced away for a moment to beam at Ava.

 “Ava, darling, you are amazing!” I said in appreciation. She grinned at me. I had always envied Ava. She was tall and gorgeous. Standing at 5’6, she was slim figured at had ivory skin, purple-like eyes and straight black hair. All in all, total opposite of me. I took a bowl from her and gave her another smile. Salad, just how I liked it, too.

“See anything interesting yet?” She asked. I shrugged and popped a cherry tomato in my mouth. I looked back at my reflection and studied it closely.  I was starting to wonder if this mirror really did have something going on with it, or if David was just pulling an extremely drawn out prank. It wouldn’t be unlike him

“Nothing. How much longer until my shift is over?” I asked. She shrugged as she started to walk away.

“Until David says it is.” The door opened and closed and I was alone again. I slowly chewed my food and kept my gaze locked on the mirror. I hummed a show tune and crossed one leg underneath me. Too soon, my salad was gone and the bowl was sitting on the floor next to me. I started to zone out. I wasn’t really paying attention to my reflection. I was thinking about my first experience with David.

David was…well, he was an interesting man. David was probably in his late twenties and kind of a gangly thing, standing at about 6’4 with scruffy brown hair and a five o’clock shadow. He never really let loose his real age. He called his place Monuments because more times than not, monuments around the world were really intended to hide something. Cover up things that the world shouldn’t know about.  Except us because we were a bunch of no good meddling kids. David hadn’t started Monuments, but he ran it. The agency was a branch off of the secret services. Anyone who worked for Monuments was sworn to secrecy, and anyone who tried to quit…well. Let’s just say they won’t remember anything. I have seen some who didn’t even remember their own names.  I had been working at Monuments for about 5 years. I started when I was 19 years old. I had seen at least 10 people “quit” in that time. If you could call trying to kill each and everyone for the things we keep in storage quitting. Whenever we would find something, such as this mirror, we would test it. See if it really was supernatural, alien, magical, or just a stupid piece of junk. Antique junk…but junk no less. It had been two days after my father, my only living relative besides some creepy third cousins, had died in a hit and run car accident. I had seen David standing next to a tree, like a cliché in movies, during my dad’s funeral. Afterward, when I was walking home he confronted me. Long story short, his promises of adventure and a life won me over and I’d been working for him ever since. I never knew why he had chosen me to work for him. But everyone told me when I first started that he chose everyone for a reason. He was very good at that, I guess. But besides David, I was the longest working employee. Everyone either got too scared, or decided to settle down. I sometimes saw them walking around, shopping, toting around children. And it made me wonder if someday I would be like them. I hoped not. I loved living on the edge. I loved knowing and learning.

I was taken from my thoughts as I saw a movement in the mirror. You are probably thinking “Duh. It’s a mirror. Of course it’s moving because you did, dingbat.” But by movement, I mean full freaking blown movement. As in, I’m walking toward myself even though I’m sitting on a stool. My eyes widened and I jumped up. My reflection kept walking toward me and I ogled as I…it? Took a step out of the mirror.

“Holy cow!” I shouted. OK, I was expecting something, but not this. What is this? She took a step toward me and I grimaced. Did I really look that awful up close? I jumped up from the stool, knocking it over and sending the glass salad bowl flying. I heard it shatter and jumped. My reflection kept walking toward me and I backed up.

“Hey. How are you doing?” I asked. I really hoped this thing wouldn’t kill me. She cocked her head to the side and a slight smile played at her lips. She raised her hand high and I raised my hand too and smacked her a high-5. I highly doubt that was the purpose of it. Her head straightened and she gave me an enraged look.

“Oh crap.” I squeaked. I turned around and bolted up the stairs and to the door. I yanked on the handle and hit my head against it in frustration when I realized I was locked in.

“Hey, guys. Any time now. Open open!” I yelled. I felt her hand grab my shoulder and whirl me around. She raised her hand again, this time in a fist and hurtled it toward my face. I quickly ducked and her fist hit the metal door and the ring resounded through the room. I ducked underneath her arm and jumped away.

“Haha!” I yelled. I grabbed her feet and yanked them out from underneath her. I jumped over the railing and onto the ground with a great thump.

“Guys. Seriously. I’m in some deep trouble here!” I shouted as my reflection did a high jump and landed right in front of me. I picked up a glass shard and held it in front of her face. She didn’t let out a sound but her facial expressions indicated a scream of anger. She jumped on me and knocked me down. I hit my head off something sharp but refused to let out a groan. Her hands wrapped around my throat and I scrambled to get my piece of glass. I touched it with my fingers and grasped it. I swung and hit her in the side her head. I didn’t realize that she, too, was glass. She certainly didn’t feel like it. Glass flakes fell off where I hit and I closed my eyes against it. Her grip tightened and I couldn’t get a single breath out. I heard the door open. I tried to kick her off but my feet hit nothing but empty air. Suddenly, she was pulled off and thrown. I coughed and scrambled to my feet, swaying as I did so. David put his arm out to steady me.

“Took you long enough.” I wheezed.

“We were out getting Chinese.” He explained dryly.

“Freaking brilliant.” I growled. My reflection started to run toward me and David tackled her to the ground.

“Get her out of here!” David shouted. I felt a hand tug on mine and I was pulled away. I was drug up the stairs and out of the room, and roughly set on the sofa on the lounge area David and I had set up one night.

“Hold still now, dear.” Ava said gently. She pulled out a flashlight like object and shined it on my throat.

“No internal damage. It will just be sore for a week or so. Put some cool rags on it and take ibuprofen.”

“I should get back in and help him.” I said. She shook her head.

“Don’t worry. David can handle it. Legend says all you have to do is shove her back in the mirror.”

I smiled at Ava. If it was that easy, I wasn’t going to worry. I heard the door open and I stood up quickly. The door slammed shut.

“OK. Not so easy. She won’t go back in.” David was gasping for air and he had a large cut on his cheek. He was leaning against the door and I ran up to him and yanked him away.

“All right. So what now?” I asked.  I punched a few numbers in and the door made a clicking sound as it was locked. David and I both to lean against the door. I don’t know what we were trying to accomplish, but it made us feel better.

“Get me a bat.” He said seriously.

“Bat as in mammal, or bat is in baseball.” A girl asked from across the room. David, Ava and I turned our gazes on her and just stared for a moment.

“Really, Denise?” I asked sarcastically. Denise was our cataloger. She knew where everything was and how much we had. She kept stock of all of our food and toiletries. She wrote out our paychecks and made sure we didn’t get our heads bitten off by the higher ups. Denise was also incredibly blonde. No offense to any of you out there, but that classic stereotype? Yeah, she was the reason for it starting.

“A BASEBALL BAT!”  All three of us shouted at the same time. My reflection started pounding on the door. I felt a dent press into my back.

“Get me one too!” I yelled. She took off running.

“Ava, get out of here. Let me and Mira work on this one. We’ll need you later and you won’t be any help if you are out of commission.” David ordered. She nodded and scuttled out of the room, probably to the infirmary.

“So. Prepare to get the crap beaten out us?” I asked. He nodded.


“Great.” I said sarcastically.

Denise came running with two bats and thrust them at us.

“Get out of here.” I ordered her. I loved Denise to pieces, but she wasn’t much help in battle situations. It was just me and David ever since the last field agent had tried to kill us. We had been shopping around for some new agents, but it hadn’t been going to hot. I stepped away from the door and swung my bat around in circles. David followed suit and we stood in the lounge area until she finally beat the door in.

“Well, say goodbye to having a pretty face. She’s going to beat the crap out of us.” I told him.

“She’s already gotten me once. You’re next.”

“She’s been after me too, you know. Have you seen this neck?”

“So what? 'Tis merely a flesh wound.”

“Well, that one time in Egypt certainly wasn’t a flesh wound.” I snapped.

“Yeah, but that was nothing compared to that one time with the samurai sword.” He snapped back.

“Oh please, that was nothing compared to when I get hit with an anvil.”

I couldn’t believe we were arguing about this now, of all places. True, it was a common argument between us. We always tried to show each other up.

She was walking toward us slowly, her face a mask of rage. I had no idea I could twist my face like that. Maybe I couldn’t, and it was just a Reflection special.

“Maybe we should stop arguing on concentrate on breaking her into a million pieces.” He said. I nodded quickly.

“Good idea. On 3?” I asked

He nodded.

“1….” I began.

“Tw-“ he didn’t finish his sentence as my reflection had jumped on him, knocking him to the floor.

“So much for three!” I shouted as I swung my bat high into the air and brought it crashing down on the back of her neck. There was a cracking and popping noise. She stood up and jumped on me. Jumping seemed to be her special attack move. She knocked me onto my back and I struggled to lift her off. She was awfully heavy for a piece of glass…  I saw David behind her and closed my eyes as he brought his own bat down.  She crumpled on top of me.  When she stood up I noticed an arm had fallen off and cracks all through her face.  I got up as fast as I could and grabbed my bat. I took a deep breath and swung my bat as hard as I could right across her middle.  Finally, a scream of defeat left the once mute creature as she crumpled to the floor, shattering into thousands of small pieces.

“Threes a charm.” David said breathlessly. I nodded.

“Look at this mess though.” He said bitterly. I looked down at the multi-colored pieces of glass.

“She was pretty gorgeous, though. Shame we had to kill her.” I threw my bat on the ground and went to the storage cupboard where I grabbed two big push brooms and handed one to him.

“Oh, I don’t know. I've seen better.” He shrugged. I gasped and struck him at the back of his knees with my broom.

“Jerk.” I grumbled.

“Didn’t I tell you that every day with me would be exciting?” He gave me a cocky grin and began to sweep up the shards.

The End

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