We worked as quickly as we could together to get everything fixed. It was hard; the tree didn’t want to be fixed and the eggnog was permanently in the carpet, but most of the other decorations just needed to be tacked back into place.

The presents were all ruined; there was nothing we could do about that. But I made a mental note to replace them the next time I went shopping. I made sure Jensen didn’t seem what was inside the torn wrapping paper, since that would spoil what little surprise I had left.

We dragged the unconscious body of the man out of the room and left him in the room next door. Cleaning the chalk out of the carpet was a little difficult, but not impossible, and once that was done I threw the candles and journal back into my duffle.

By the time I heard the loud GTO pulling into the parking space next to my 442, everything was as ready as it would ever be. The pine scented candle, which was the one thing that hadn’t gotten broken, was burning on the TV stand, sending out whiffs of Christmas smells throughout the room, and Jensen had finally gotten the tree to stand, for the most part, upright.

When Jared pushed open the door and stepped through I took a deep breath to shout surprise. Jensen beat me to it, turning around to join Jared in the doorway. Jared had two large brown paper bags in his gorilla arms and I could see brightly wrapped boxes sticking out of the top of one of them.

I grew teary eyed again. After everything I had tried to do for them, they had gone and done something special for me. I sucked in a deep breath to keep from crying again, and smiled brightly, if tearfully, at the two boys.

After Jared asked about the state of the room, he and Jensen began unpacking the bags. There was an entire Christmas dinner in the one bag, everything from a turkey, precooked from the supermarket, to mashed potatoes and gravy. There was even a bottle of eggnog.

Jared and Jensen had both bought presents for us; I got two and they each got one. I felt horrible that I couldn’t give them the stuff I had already gotten for them, but when I told them that they brushed it off and told me not to worry.

Jared had gotten me a new large hair clip, which was great because my last one had broken. Jensen had gotten me a long, thin scarf made out of silky yellow yarn. It was thin enough that I could wear it as an accessory during the summer and long enough that I could wrap it multiple times around my neck for winter.

All in all, I felt better knowing that I still had Jensen and Jared with me, even if I didn’t have Cassandra and Seymour.

The End

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