A Little Help

From my position on the floor next to the motel room door, I glanced around woozily. The demon stomped towards me, and all I could do was cringe away from his grabbing hands. He was just going to throw me across the room again, and I really didn’t think my back could take any more.

Then the door bumped against my back, hard, and I was pushed slightly.

“What the—” I heard Jensen said from the other side of the door, and just hearing his voice gave me enough strength to move at least enough so that he could get inside. He swore as soon as he was inside enough to see what was going on, and any other time I would have kicked him.

“Katey,” Jensen said, reaching down to pull me to my feet. I nodded in acknowledgement.

“What took you so long?” I asked as I tightened my grip on the knife and waited for the demon to come at me again. The dumb thing had stopped it’s forward rush when Jensen had come through the door, and now it was watching us with a stupid expression on it’s face.

Jensen gave a sheepish smile. “Chasing down stragglers,” he said as he drew his pistol. “I’ll hold it off while you get the spell ready.”

Nodding, I eyed my duffle bag across the room. My chalk and candles were inside, along with my smaller version on Seymour’s journal; I needed those to get rid of the demon, hopefully without killing the man it inhabited.

On a silent count of three, both Jensen and I leapt into action. I sprinted across the room for the duffle, dodging a beefy arm that threatened my path, while Jensen leaped at the demon, landing a flying kick right in the middle of the thing’s chest. After grabbing what I needed out of the bag I hurried back to the door, where there was enough empty space to draw the circle, and began my work.

I ignored the loud crashes and guttural cries in favor of getting the spell right the first time. I could worry about the room after we were finished. I was more than slightly peeved that I hadn’t been able to handle one low level myself, but thought better of it when I heard Jensen shout with pain.

I hurriedly finished the circle and quickly lit the three white candles, then stood up.

“It’s ready!” I shouted to Jensen, who was grappling hand to hand with the demon. He grimaced, broke free of the demon, sidestepped just far enough, and kicked the demon hard in the side.

The demon stumbled and Jensen kicked it again. Unable to keep it’s balance properly, the demon tripped backwards, landing rear end first in the middle of the circle. I clapped my hands together, shouted the sealing incant, then quickly began chanting the spell to expel the demon.

Within two minutes, the demon was gone and the man was alive. It was done, and I was exhausted. Being thrown around the room like a rag doll is not something I recommend very highly.

The End

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