While checking the master bedroom of the third apartment, I heard the sound of the shotgun, muffled by the ceiling. I instantly dashed out and back down the hall to the stairs. Jared met me in the stairwell, having heard it as well, and we hurried up to the third floor.

On the landing, there was nothing to indicate which direction to go. The hallway went to the left and right, exactly identical to the second floor, and most likely the first floor as well. I was at a loss; there was nothing different in either direction.

“Which wh—“ I started to say, but the sound of a splintering door cut me off. I whipped my head around just in time to see Jensen crash into the wall opposite the shattered door several yards away to the left.

Jared instantly leapt into action, racing forwards. I followed him a second later, holding my gun in one hand and drawing a throwing dagger with the other.

A hideous, barely human looking monster stepped out of the room after Jensen. It was very tall, taller than Jared who, even at sixteen, was already six foot three, and naked except for a loose pair of pants the same pale gray as its skin. It was covered in short gray hair, much like a horse’s coat, and when it twisted it’s head to look at us the eyes were a startling metallic silver.

Jensen struggled upwards, yanking his pistols out from his back. He fired them each at the devil, but as far as I could see as I ran they had no effect on it. Jared fired his own gun, while I threw the dagger at the demon.

To my surprise, the dagger slid into the devil’s flesh, causing it to shriek. Bullets couldn’t hit it but knifes could? I didn’t need any more of an invitation. I tucked my gun into my large jacket pocket and drew as many daggers as I could fit in my hand, hurling them at the monster with deadly accuracy. There was a reason I had throwing knifes; I was good with them.

Each blade pierced gray flesh, and blackish blood began pouring from each wound. The devil screamed, a metal on glass sound that hurt my ears, then faced Jared and me.

With a shout, Jared got thrown against the hall’s wall and pinned there by an invisible force. I swore, ignoring Jensen’s wide-eyed stare, as I realized that the demon could do more than just ante up people’s emotions. Before I could draw any more blades I felt a heavy wall crash into me, throwing me across the hall opposite Jared. I struggled against the force, but it held my chest tightly against the wall with barely enough room to continue breathing.

Jensen shouted at the monster, rushed forward, and tacked the thing. They both fell to the ground in a tangled heap, and somehow Jensen ended up on top. He punched the devil over and over, getting blackish blood on his fists, but it didn’t look like it would do much good.

Thinking quickly, I tried moving my legs. They were free to move, dangling in the air as they were, and I lifted the leg that had the dagger strapped to it. In a quick, precise movement I dropped my leg, forcing the blade out. It dropped to the ground with a thud, and Jensen glanced up for a second.

He grabbed the six inch knife and lifted it up to stab the devil in the heart; presuming the heart was in the normal place.

But the blade never fell.

Jensen hesitated for a second, and the second stretched to a minute.

“What are you waiting for?” Jared shouted, still struggling to escape the wall. Jensen stared at the demon, but from his expression I could tell he wasn’t really seeing it. He was miles away, and my heart sank.

The devil had multiplied one of his emotions so high I could feel it, like a sharp needle stabbing through my eye. Jensen felt guilt so strongly, the monster was going to force him to suicide.

The End

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