By the time the sun went down, Jared had an idea of what the devil looked like. It wasn’t much, pulled from vague references scattered all over the journal and newspapers, but it was enough to work with. Large, not completely human-looking, silver/gray eyes.

We met up with Jensen at the motel and drove to the empty apartment building in the middle of downtown that Jared figured might be the lair. It was a little weird, such a small town having an abandoned apartment building, but it wasn’t something to worry about right then.

Jensen parked the car about a block away and popped the trunk open. After I moved my seat forward to let Jared out, I walked around the car to join him.

The trunk had a false bottom. There was room on top of it to put our bags, but not much else. Below the wooden bottom, there was every kind of weapon imaginable strapped to the wood or the real bottom. Everything from the sawed-off shotgun Jensen liked to canteens of holy water, pistols, rosaries, wooden and silver stakes, swords and daggers, there was everything in that trunk.

Jensen grabbed his shotgun and two pistols, and tucked the pistols into the waistband of his jeans at his back. He tucked a four inch knife into the shoulder sheath he never took off, and stuffed extra shotgun shells into his jacket pocket. I watched him while I checked to make sure there was ammo in my pistol, eyebrows raised. He caught me looking at me.

“What?” he asked. I looked away, chuckling.

“That’s a lot for a lowly devil,” I said, though I too was grabbing more than I normally would have. I pulled out a bandoleer with a dozen small throwing daggers and slid it over my head, shifting it around until it was comfortable over my leather jacket. On my calf I strapped a much larger knife and made sure I could pull it out easily.

“You’re one to talk,” he mumbled.

Jared waited until Jensen moved out of the way, then grabbed his own pistol as well as a silver spike.

“Just in case,” he said when he caught the look I threw at him. This devil sure was going to go down hard, what with everything we were packing.

I closed the false bottom, then the trunk, and followed Jensen and Jared around the side of the building. If anyone had been looking, and we made sure no one was, they would have thought we were trying to take out an army.

After Jared picked the lock on a utility door along the side wall, Jensen held up his hand for us to wait.

“We’ll split up, everyone take a different floor and check everything,” he said, then held up his cell phone. “Call if you find anything.”

Then we were through the door and I was hurrying to find some stairs. Jared would take the first floor, me the next, and Jensen the third. Since there were four floors, we would probably meet up and do that floor together, if we didn’t find anything sooner.

The inside of the building was nicer looking than the outside. When this was all over I would have to look up why it was empty, because it was bothering me out of my mind. The hallways were carpeted in dark red and brown and all the walls were painted a pale cream color. The doors into the actual apartments were the same cream as the walls with polished silver numbers nailed dead center.

As soon as I was on the second floor I began checking each of the empty apartments. They were all very nice, well planned apartments, empty of course, with pale brown carpets and off white walls. Checking each and every room would take a while, but I had to be thorough. Each apartment, each room, each closet even, had to be checked.

It was going to be a long night.

The End

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