I woke sometime near dawn. It took me a moment to recognize what had pulled me out of sleep, and when I did I sat straight up and looked around. Jared was still sound sleep, but Jensen was shifting around in the chair, moaning. He had taken the plush chair in the corner as his bed, since there were only two real beds, and from where I was sitting it looked like he was having a nightmare.

While the sun hadn’t come up yet there was just enough to see by. Jensen hadn’t even changed into something more comfortable. He probably hadn’t even planned on actually sleeping. Like previous hunts, he had probably decided to be on the safe side and stand watch, just in case. Demons weren’t the only monsters out there, and some of them would have done anything to kill us.

He turned back and forth, caught in the thrall of some nightmare. His face was covered with sweat, his features twisted into an expression of pain. I wondered what he was dreaming about. I watched him for another moment, then couldn’t bare to see him suffer any longer.

I climbed out of the bed, shivering in the cold, and stepped quietly across the room to the chair. I knelt by an armrest, gently placing a hand on his jacketed arm. He turned away but didn’t wake.

“Jensen,” I whispered, trying to wake him up while leaving Jared asleep. It wasn’t easy. Jensen didn’t respond, still trapped in the dream. I moved my hand to his, startled by how hot it felt. I reached up with my other hand and felt his forehead; he was burning hot. I hoped it wasn’t a fever, hoped it was just the dream.

“Jensen,” I said again, a little bit louder. Worry rippled through me when he still didn’t wake up, and I gently shook his shoulder. He grunted, but still refused to wake. Anxious, I shook him harder.

Jensen woke up, finally, with a shout and wildly flailing arms. His hand managed to smack me across the side of my head, and I groaned, stunned. He was really strong.

When he finally calmed down, realizing he wasn’t in a dream anymore, he saw me. For a moment confusion was evident in his eyes, then he frowned.

“You should be sleeping,” he said, nodding towards the bed. I shook my head.

“I couldn’t with you tossing and turning,” I said quietly. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” he said gruffly, folding his arms. I raised an eyebrow.

“And the moon’s made out of cheese,” I countered. He glared at me, then turned away.

“Go to bed, Katherine,” he said quietly. I stared at him, frowning. Something was wrong; he rarely called me by my full name. But he wouldn’t talk to me about it. That hurt, even though I knew I had treated him the same on the drive down.

After a minute I stood and walked back to the bed. When I glanced back at him I caught him watching me with an unreadable expression. I turned away and buried myself under the covers. Jensen cleared his throat, then there was silence.

The End

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