Torment Demon

I woke up with the largest headache I had ever had. It raged through my skull, causing random fireworks across my eyelids. I shifted slightly, feeling the carpet beneath my face. I was surprised that I was alive. Why would the demon leave me alive?

It probably had something worse in mind, and that got my heart racing. I cautiously opened one eye to try to see what was going on. Maybe it had left.

No such luck. The shadowy figure of the demon was still floating above the floor in front of me, obviously waiting for something. I wondered how much time had passed. Enough for Jensen to come back?

My head throbbed, all the anger and hate from the demon threatening to split my head open. I groaned involuntarily, and instantly the demon had dragged me up by my throat. I choked, kicking wildly, but once again I couldn’t escape what I couldn’t touch. The demon hissed, an unearthly sound that grated against my ears and I shivered.

I couldn’t breathe, and I felt myself fading again. Only this time before I blacked out the demon shrieked. I screamed as a suddenly rush of emotions flooded my head. It took me a moment to recognize them as my own emotions, multiplied tenfold by the demon’s touch, which had loosened enough for me to suck in just enough air.

Everything from the pain I had suppressed when my parents had died to the shame I felt for being depended on the boys for everything, from the terror I felt when I thought about being alone to the longing I felt for a normal life flooded my head. Everything avalanched together, quickly overwhelming me.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the demon started slashing at me, razor sharp claws tangible for mere seconds cutting through my clothes and skin like soft butter.

I realized I was still screaming, and I forced myself to stop. I took a trembling breath, my struggling becoming weaker. In a last ditched attempt at escape I reached down into my reservoir of knowledge and plucked out the only think I thought might work.

Desino!” I screamed as loud as I could with very little air or strength. The demon hesitated, obviously affected by the Latin, but the respite didn’t last very long.

I screamed again as it resumed its horrible torture. But I wasn’t finished.

Atrox, evensco!” I shouted, addressing the demon and commanding it to disappear.

The demon flickered, dropping me through a grip no longer tangible. I crumpled to the ground, my vision blacking out for a second. Sticky hot blood covered my arms and chest, and for a moment I wondered how I would get it out of the cream colored carpet.

The demon screeched, thwarted, and I had to wonder if it was really done with me. I’m sure it would try again, once the simple spell wore off, so I struggled to my feet, ignoring the blood dripping from my torn shirt and fingertips.

The only think I had weapon wise available to me was a six inch silver blade I kept hidden in my backpack. I didn’t want to get blood everywhere, but seeing no other option I stumbled into the bedroom and tore open the backpack on the floor.

The demon followed me into the room, still trying to slice me to ribbons despite the spell, and I knew it was only a matter of moments before it was able to. The spell I had used wasn’t one normally used for something as powerful as this demon obviously was.

Blade in slick hand, I turned to face the demon and advanced towards it. It seemed to sense my intentions because it backed up out of the room and back into the hallway. I held the knife up, and when the demon tried to disappear into the wall of the hallway, I leapt forwards, stabbing the blade into the center of the shadow.

Reverto ut Barathrum!” I shouted at the demon, forcing the blade into the wall. It shrieked, trying to escape, but either the silver or the spell had it pinned to the wall. I screamed the command two more times to complete the spell, commanding the demon to return to Hell, where it belonged.

I let go of the knife and staggered back to lean against the other side of the hall, watching the shadow writhe against the wall. It screamed so loud I had to cover my ears, then it exploded, leaving nothing but a black residue covering the wall.

I let out a sigh. I was alive and it was over.

“Katey?” I heard Jensen shout from the front door. Funny, I don’t remember hearing it opened. I turned away from what was left of the demon, took a step towards Jensen’s voice, and collapsed, all of my energy gone.

“Katherine!” Jensen shouted and I felt his hands on my shoulders before I fell into unconsciousness.

The End

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