Two Families Die In House Fire


Early the next morning, I hurried out of the motel room we were staying in and bought a newspaper from the office. When I got back to the room I dumped it onto the table and began reading the front page.

Two Families Die in House Fire the headline read, and to my relief the article proceeded to name the parents and the children dead. I let out a sigh of relief. The investigators believed that no one had survived, which meant that dad and I could take care of them without having to worry about kidnapping charges.

I glanced over at the two beds. I had slept in the chair in the corner, letting dad have one bed, because he always complains about a bad back, and the kids the other. The children looked so peaceful, all curled together. When they had realized that they were all in it together, the girl refused to leave the boys’ sides.

Katey, the little girl with the mass of hair, was a bright, smart girl. She still hadn’t cried again, and while she clung to the boys she seemed to think that she was strong enough to take care of herself.

The younger boy, Jared, was the gentlest of the three. He would probably have the most trouble adjusting to the hunter’s life, but he had already refused to let anyone baby him, except his big brother.

Jensen, the older boy, was stoical, choosing to be brave for his little brother and the little girl. He constantly watched dad while dad was cleaning the guns, and showed an eagerness to learn.

All in all, the three kids would be great learners, and I knew that I had made the right decision.

Dad, on the other hand, didn’t think so. He had yelled at me for practically an hour, out of earshot of the kids, about how stupid I was being and how the hunter’s life was no place for children. I had to remind him that I had been a child once, and that he had taken me around on his hunting trips after mom had died.

After that he grudgingly agreed that this had been the only option for the kids.

I finished reading the rest of the newspaper, then started packing everything up. With the demon dead, we’d be moving on as soon as everyone woke up, on our way to find the next demon.

I glanced at the kids again and smiled. Things were going to be interesting from here on out.


End of Story Two

The End

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