I flinched when I saw the flames. We were too late to stop the house from burning. But I could also see the demon, a dark whispy shadow curling around on the roof. And I wanted to kill it.

Dad jumped out of the car as soon as he put it in park, then popped open the trunk. Lifting up the false bottom when I reached the car, I yanked out my handgun and the bag of lead shavings we had collected for this demon. Dad grabbed his sawed-off shotgun and the large water bottle.

It is surprisingly easy to kill a pyro demon. You need plenty of water, and lead, both of which are easy to get. All you have to do is dump both the water and the lead on the demon at the same time, and it will burn out. Of course, since the demon was on top of a burning building, that made things a little more difficult.

But dad and I work really well together. Probably because we have been working together for so long. Dad trusts me enough to let me take risks, like taking the lead and water bottle up onto the roof while he covers me with the shotgun.

After dad gave me a leg up, I was on the roof in a few seconds. It was hot, but the flames hadn’t reached me yet, so I was okay, for now at least. I squinted around until I caught sight of the demon, then scrambled after it.

With a practiced flick of the wrist I got the sack open, then tugged the water bottle’s squirt top open. Then, before the demon had even seen me, I slathered it in lead and water until there was nothing left but a pile of mush.

“I got it!” I shouted to dad.

That’s when I heard the screaming start.

Of course, there had to have been someone in the house, I should have thought of that sooner. I dropped quickly off the roof and kicked open the nearest front door. Smoke billowed out of the house, since this was the side that was actually on fire. After glancing at dad, who nodded encouragingly towards me, I ducked inside.

The smoke was so bad I couldn’t see, so I had to rely on my hearing. Thankfully, I was pretty good at listening. I heard a child’s whimpering over the sound of the crackling fire and I dove in that direction.

A little girl squeaked at me, but instinctively wrapped her arms around me when I picked her up and hurried back outside. I set her on the grass, where she coughed a few times before crying, then turned back to the house.

The entire left side, where the little girl had come from, was a blaze, and the right side had caught fire as well. As I watched, a young father came dashing out of the house, two young boys in his arms. He set them on the grass, then dashed back inside.

“No!” I shouted at the man, but it was too late. He was inside the house, and the next moment the door was blocked by flames. He had probably gone back inside for his wife, and now he was dead as well.

I heard the sound of sirens in the distance, and glanced at dad. He nodded at me.

“We need to get out of here,” he said and started for the car. I turned to follow him, but the little girl caught my attention.

She had a mass of auburn red curls. My eyes widened, recognizing her, and I turned to look at the two boys, who were holding on to each other tightly. One looked to be about eight, while the other was probably closer to four, and they both had brown hair. The little one could have been the boy from my senses.

The End

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