The cement I knelt on was cold, even though it was midday and it was a little bit warm outside. The inside of the abandoned warehouse didn’t get much light, which worked just fine for me. The building itself was old and probably hadn’t been used in twenty years. There were cobwebs and rats everywhere, and I had to kick quite a bit of trash out of the way to make room for my work.

I double checked my handiwork, brushing chalk dust off my hands. I had drawn a large circle with all the necessary symbols on the inside, and I made sure the outer most ring didn’t have any breaks in it. It had to be perfect if it was going to hold someone inside.

With everything ready, I dragged the unconscious bum I had picked up on the way here into the circle. He had been wandering down the street near the warehouse, stumbling like he was drunk and rambling like a lunatic. He looked like a bum, and since he had no ID on him I had to assume that no one would miss him. I made sure every part of him and his mangy trench coat was inside the circle, then I lit the three candles I had set in a triangle outside the circle.

I scooted back, felt around to make sure my pistol, stake, and TASER were all within hands reach, then began chanting the spell.

I had marked the person that was possessed when I’d found him earlier, and now, while I chanted in rusty Latin, I was summoning him out of that person and into the man who was still unconscious in the circle.

When I finished chanting, nothing happened. I huffed, angry that it hadn’t worked, then a long ribbon of black void entered the warehouse through one of the broken windows high above my head. It hovered above me for a moment, but I had already said the protection spell, so the only body it had available was the bum.

The darkness seeped into the man through his closed eyes. When it had all disappeared the man sat up, glaring his swirling black eyes at me. I stood up, grabbing the stake, and grinned at the possessed man.

“I caught you,” I told it. The man growled, sounding more like an angry dog than a person, and he stood up, tentatively pressing against the invisible force field. There was a spark of blue and he yanked his hand back, as if he had been burned.

“So you have,” he answered. He sounded like two different people were talking through his one set of vocal cords, one normal, though gravelly, and the other much deeper and angrier.

I stepped forward, holding the silver spike up for him to see it.

“I’m going to enjoy this,” I told him, even though I really wasn’t. Staking someone, especially someone who wasn’t a vampire, wasn’t something I could ever enjoy. It was too bloody, and it generally took a few pounds to get the stake in far enough to reach the heart, and that left plenty of time for screaming. But I wanted the demon off balance. If it thought I was more deranged than it was then it would be more scared of me. “This is for Jared and Jensen Reese, who you ran over with a truck,” I continued.

The demon blinked at me for a moment, then grinned. I frowned back at it, taking another step forward.

“Oh, you mean that Jared Reese?” the demon asked, pointed behind me. Eyes wide, I spun around and saw Jared step through the open doors, hatchet in hand.

“No!” I shouted at him, whirling around to watch the old bum in my trap collapse backwards while a torrent of blackness flowed out of his eyes and across the building. I watched it, horrified, as it reached Jared and before he could do anything against it, the demon entered his eyes, possessing him.

The End

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