“You let the demon out!” Jensen said, pointing an accusing finger at me. I glared at him, pushing his hand away.

"I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I countered and folded my arms across my chest.

“Come on, we don’t have time for this,” Jared said, trying to get between Jensen and me. I glared at him until he raised his hands defensively and backed off. Then I turned my glare towards Jensen. He was glaring back, and I had to wonder what was really going on in his head.

“You’ve made nothing but mistakes while hunting this demon, you almost got me killed!” Jensen said, pointing again. “You should know better.”

“I should… Do you think I’ve been doing it on purpose?” I asked, feeling my temper flare up. He raised an eyebrow at me.

“You said it, not me,” he said. I growled, frustrated.

“You are so…” I couldn’t think of the right word to describe him. He chuckled, and that just made my temper grow worse. Over the years since Seymour and Cassandra had died Jensen had been the one who had been in charge. He decided where we would go, what we would do, and while most of the time I agreed with his decisions, I was always angry that he made them without talking about them with me, like Cassandra always had. I never said anything about it, of course, and that anger had slowly built up over time. Now, with this last accusation, it over flowed.

“You are so insensitive!” I exploded at him. “You have no feelings for anyone but yourself, and you are nothing but a hypocrite! It’s your fault Seymour and Cassandra are dead!” Now that I was angry for one thing, all my anger about everything decided that it wanted a chance to come out. I was angry that my parents had died, angry that Seymour and Cassandra had died as well, angry that I’d never had a normal life, angry that all I did any more was chase after rumors and legends until I killed them, angry that I couldn’t save everyone.

I shouted at Jensen for about five minutes, all of my feelings pouring out through my throat, until my vocal cords were sore and I felt exhausted. Jared and Jensen just stared at me the entire time, as if I had sprouted horns while I yelled. When I was finished, I sucked in a deep breath, glared one last time at Jensen, and turned away.

“So that’s how you really feel,” Jensen said quietly. I didn’t answer, and I heard him sigh behind me.

But before he could say anything more something laughed very loud, the sound echoing around the abandoned warehouse. I whirled around, trying to see where it was coming from, but I couldn’t see it. Panic replaced my anger. The demon had arrived and we weren’t ready for it. I felt a stab of guilt because it was my fault we weren’t ready. If I hadn’t yelled for so long then we would have been able to finish our prep work.

Instead, all we could do was hold our guns at ready and hope for the best.

The demon continued to laugh, the sound coming from different places around the moon lit building, and I quickly decided that if we were going to have a chance the boys needed time to finish setting up the trap. There needed to be a diversion and since it was my fault it wasn’t ready then I was going to be the one to do it.

I glanced at the boys once, trying to let them know that they needed to finish getting the tarp ready without actually saying anything the demon would hear, then I gripped my .40 P07 Duty handgun tighter and sprinted towards the outer walls.

“Katey, wait!” Jared shouted after me, but he didn’t follow. I wondered as I ran if that was because Jensen had stopped him. He probably had.

“Come and get me, demon!” I shouted into the darkness, squinting to see without a flashlight. Jared and Jensen were the ones with the flashlights and I felt really stupid that I hadn’t brought one as well. But I would make due. There was some moon light filtering in through the broken windows at least.

I heard another laugh, this time behind me, and I spun around. I didn’t fire though. I’d had one too many close calls to be that stupid. The demon wasn’t behind me, but I saw a flicker of shadow where there wasn’t supposed to be any and I followed it.

It led me back into the center of the warehouse. Jared and Jensen were gone, presumably to work on the trap, and it was much brighter in the center, directly below a large skylight. There were more shadows swirling around on the ground and I stepped lightly to avoid them.

“Come on, you can’t hide from me!” I yelled, trying to draw the demon out. To my surprise it worked. The shadows on the ground gathered together and began to form the whole self. It moved slowly, first forming mottled gray, very skinny legs, then an overly long, crooked torso, a pair of skinny arms as long as a gorillas, and finally a thin, ugly head. As soon as the head appeared I fired my gun at it. It wouldn’t do a whole lot of good, since it was loaded with rock salt, but it would distract it. Rock salt worked on ghosts but generally not on demons.

The demon’s head snapped back from the force of the salt, but when it came forward again there was no damage. It looked angry though. I fired again, this time at its torso, and furtively glanced around to see if the boys had the trap ready yet. I couldn’t see them, so I fired at the demon again.

Each attack seemed to make the demon angrier, and soon I had run out of ammo. Suddenly worried that the boys needed more time, I threw my gun at it and while it had its arms raised defensively I rushed forward, tackling it to the ground.

It screeched shrilly, loud enough to hurt my ears, but I laid a punch across its face, trying to keep it distracted. I looked up just long enough to check around the room and saw Jensen and Jared hurrying towards me with the tarp. It was ready. I smiled.

My hesitation cost me. Before I could return my attention to where it was needed the demon shrieked again and with a powerful shove threw me off. I screamed as I flew through the air, then grunted when I landed on the ground, hard. Before I could recover my senses  sharp claws scraped across my body. I screamed again, red hot pain blocking my mind from thinking.

“Katherine!” I heard Jensen shout, then felt one last horrible blinding pain from my throat down to my armpit before I blacked out.

The End

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