Monstrum Venator

A collection of stories centered around the lives of Katey O'Donnell, and her surrogate family as they travel around the USA tracking down and killing the demons that plague the world from the shadows.


It was the big day. One final job interview I before I was going to move on to another state and try again. I had been at this job hunting thing for almost six months, and I was really discouraged. If I didn’t get this job I would have to move, and then I would have to start all over again in a new state. I would have to find the perfect apartment, which was hard enough when I first moved to Connecticut to go to school, and get certified for that state.

But I felt confident that this would be the one that I would get the job. I had already spoken to the principal once, and she had seemed to like me very much. I just had to keep up that good impression through the dinner, and I would have the job.

I was all dressed and ready to go. When I looked at myself in the full length bathroom mirror, I didn’t recognize myself, but I looked more respectable than I normally did. And older. I had decided to wear a skirt, something I never wore, with a blouse and a linen jacket, all in pastels. For shoes I had on a pair of ballet flats. It was uncomfortable, considering I normally wear jeans, a leather jacket, and heels. But I really wanted this job, and I was willing to do almost anything for it.

My phone rang from my bedroom, trilling loudly and startling me. Were they calling to cancel? Or just reschedule. I hurried out of my bathroom and snatched the phone as it rang again, quickly flipping it open.

“Hello?” I answered, trying to remain calm.

“Hello, is this Katherine O’Donnell?” a man’s voice asked. I frowned, not recognizing the voice. The principal and vice principal were both women, so it couldn’t be them, and I didn’t think they had a male secretary.

“Katey O’Donnell, yes, who is this?” I asked. In the background I could hear someone talking over an intercom, and it sounded like a hospital, but that couldn’t be right, could it?.

“This is doctor Hanberg from the Buchanan General Hospital, I’m afraid I have some bad news for you,” he said. I frowned, not recognizing the name of the hospital.

“I’m sorry, where is Buchanan?” I asked before he could continue on.

“Grundy Virginia,” he said. My frown deepened. I didn’t know anyone in Virginia, and hadn’t been there in about three or four years.

“Are you sure you have the right person? I haven’t been to Virginia in years,” I said, moving out of the bedroom to continue getting ready. I only had a few more minutes before I had to leave for the interview.

“Do you know a Jensen and Jared Reese?” he asked.

My heart stopped. Those were names I hadn’t heard in almost two years, even though I had thought about them almost every day. I had looked for them for many months before giving up and assuming they didn’t want to be found. The names brought an old heartache to the surface, and I tried to keep from panicking.

“Yes, I know them,” I told the doctor. “Why?”

“I’m sorry to say they were in a terrible car accident near here,” he said, and I had to close  my eyes, taking a deep breath. “They are alive, but they’re both in critical condition. I have doctors still working on them right now, so I won’t know exactly what’s going on until they finish.”

I realized I was shaking. Of course this would be the only way I would ever find them. They wouldn’t let themselves be found any other way. I had searched for them for so long, and a stupid car accident…

“Thank you, doctor,” I said when I realized that he had stopped talking. I quickly got the address of the hospital, thanked him, and hung up.

For a moment I stood in the middle of my tiny apartment, wondering what I was going to do. I couldn’t think straight, much less rationally, but after staring at the same blank wall for a few minutes I knew what I had to do, without question.

I raced back into my bedroom and pulled my suitcase out from under the bed. I then stuffed it with handfuls of clothes from my closet, including my normal heels and leather jacket, grabbed my phone and my pre-packed toiletry kit, and hurried out the door. I would miss the job interview, but in my mind this was more important.

I climbed into my 1968 Oldsmobile 442, old memories flooding my mind as I started the car. So much had happened in that car after I’d gotten it for my eighteenth birthday. I quickly got on the freeway and headed for Virginia. I would be driving for a very long while, but I would see Jensen and Jared. My heart jumped irregularly at the thought of seeing them again after more than two years, and as I thought about it I realized just how angry I still was. But there wasn’t anything I could do about it. I would just have to wait until after the twelve hour drive to yell at them for leaving me.

The End

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