In the distance I make out my mother. Her short black hair, and the dress that she loves. She can see me, because she's waving at me.

I start to walk towards her, and slowly, I start to run.

I can almost reach out and grab her now, when I fall. I trip over something and fall down to the ground. But instead of hitting the ground, I keep falling, falling, falling...

Gravity seems to shift, and I spin round, only to find myself landing on a familiar stretch of baren desert.

Looking around, I see another figure. Maybe this is my father. Opposite him, there is another figure... Me.

I realise now that it's not my father, but in fact my mother once more, waving like she did before. At me. The other me.

He runs. He falls. He reappears in front of me. He holds out his hand. I take it.

The End

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