Drifting from day to day, constantly in a state of sleepiness, feeling as though I could fall to the floor, comatosed... I feel as though it could happen any minute. Any second.

But I know it won't. My hopes and dreams for the sweet release of sleep do not come.

The days merge to become one, with no large marker to distinguish one from another - the marker being sleep.

Living like this is impossible.

Light burns my eyes, and the darkness seems like a healthy retreat to freedom. I've become a vampire. Thriving off the dark nights and fearing the light of day.

I plea for the night to come back around so that I can once again attempt sleep, but at the same time, I hope it remains daylight forever, so that I'm not surrounded by dissapointment when I cannot fall asleep.

Despite my constant attempts, I can't sleep for more than twenty minutes at a time. If that.

The End

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