All I can hear is the sound of the elements throwing everything they've got against my window.

The water droplets crack into a thousand pieces as they burst against my window, keeping me awake.

Staring at my ceiling, I silently will for silence, to aid me in getting some much needed rest. However, this just spurs the rain on into making even more noise.

It is almost pitch black in my bedroom, and all I can make out are the outlines of my furniture. A chair, a television set, my desk.

But as I stare for longer, these things seem to change before my eyes. A skinny hunched over beast, a wide mouthed demon, a crab-like monster.

Closing my eyes to try to block out the images of my imagination, I begin to hear things - small whipsers of these creatures getting closer and closer to my bed. Creeping ever nearer as they whipser amongst themselves.

The rain slowly lets up, and I'm left with a dull ringing in my ears - a sound I imagine to be the language of these monsters.

I throw my eyelids back, expecting to see a thousand pairs of evil eyes staring at me from only inches away, but nothing awaits me.

I look around the room once more, and all is as it should be. A chair, a television, a desk. I stare at them a moment longer, not blinking, expecting for the evil things to shed their disguises and reveal themselves once more, but they do not.

Breathing heavily, but slowly returning to a relaxed state, I lay back down and close my eyes gently.

The rain begins to beat at my windows once more.

The End

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