Something’s at that door

The thumping at the door increases. Its as though the beast behind it is trying to break down the door. You peak up but the door doesn't jostle, doesn't groan. It stays perfectly still, as though made of steel.
"The rules, the laws. The circle of life Kiddo. Monsters, they can't break through doors. Its one of the 39 laws of monsters."
Patches talks as though you should know all this, as though its common knowledge taught in class like math or science. Surviving Monster Attacks 101. Interesting course study.
"Look Kiddo, there are 39 laws of monsters. They can't see you when you're covered by a blanket, they can't actually be seen by parents, they can't come out in the light, they can't..."
You cut him off before he goes on for an hour.
"But Momma and Daddy, they saw the Monster..." you think back, "well maybe daddy."
Your cat looks at you incredulously as though what you're saying is absolutely ludicrous.
"Impossible, a monster would die if a parent actually looked at it Kiddo, you're daddy must have been lookin' past it."
You look at patches with surprise on your face.
"How do you know all this patches?"
He looks away for a moment and then returns his cat face looking solemn, you didn't realize cat's could actually master facial expressions.
"Do you really wanna know all that kiddo? Or do you wanna get the hell outta this basement and towards freedom."
You look back at the door, the beast still pounding on it from the other side, and then back at your cat.
Remembering how cuddly and cute he was when he wasn't talking, now its kind of creeping you out, but also it feels comforting in a way, as though he's your guide through this scary time.
You need a guide you know it, alone you'd be to ignorant of whatever these laws are to go up against this beast and whatever else is out there in the shadows.
Still you really wonder how patches came to talk and how he has all this sudden knowledge. You sit on the mat and ponder what to do next.

The End

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