You chance it. You peak out from the safety of your magical blanket

        'I'm asleep".  This thought creeps through the terror racing in my mind.  Could I wake up?  But how can anyone choose to just wake up if they don't know they are asleep?  I can't assume this is a dream;  after all it's the monster hour and nothing is as it seems.  Stillness consumes my mind, not a sound;  I dare not breath (I'm not sure that I can).  My ears, however quiet, are hungry for anything that stirs in the darkness.  A bead of sweat rolls into my eye.

         'Should I peek?  Oh! God! that would..... NO! NO! I can't! Rule B.'  My blanket is a shield against the night and all the evil baddies that dwell there.  It's gone, it must be.  A drip????  I thought .  At least I THINK something dripped on me.  My mind fell silent as the room.  DRIP. On my leg. DRIP. On my chest.  It's nothing that can be heard, only felt.  DRIP.

           My arm moves forward in a swift betraying motion and pulls the blanket down enough to see.  There is green light staining the white walls in my room and this stink hangs in the air which is reminiscent of swamp gas.  No monster in sight.  And then another drip on my chest;  the ooze seeps through the blanket.  Foolishly I roll over onto my back.  I can't say why I did this other than I had to;  to not look would be the same as not sneezing when your nose is full of tickle.

            My eyes came face to face with more than I could have ever imagined, an image  that will haunt my mind and dreams till I'm old and dying.  Everything I thought I knew about monsters( at least regular monters!) proved to be understated.  Too late to cover my eyes now.  I scream.  The monster remains unrattled, immune to rule C.  It's hanging from the ceiling, trying to worm its way through a hole it created above my bed.  This pale green luminosity ( like dying grass) shines through its body, the air around it feels cold and humid.  Someone's coming, lights are turning on, it's Mom!!!  She calls my name.  Her voice is that of an angel;  I keep screaming.  The skin the the face ot this monster reminds me of gummy transluscent candy and I can't see any teeth. Mom bursts into the room and rushed to me turning on the light.

            "Honey, it's OK.  It was just a dream." She said in a calming voice.

             No words could pass my lips; screaming wasn't a problem.  She didn't see it, still doesn't.  I look past her to see the monster touching her shoulder.  Then she looked up and turned pale white.  It grabbed her head and pulled her into its mouth.

             "DAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!  DAAAAAAAAD!!!!!" I screamed.

             He was there straight away.  He saw the monster and without hesitation he grabbed Mommy and pulled her.  The monster had been trying to swallow her whole.

              "STEVEN!!! GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! NOW!!!!  Dad said without fear.  " Stay here! Don't leave me Steven!"

             A knife flashed in Dad's hand and he stabbed the worm and slit the gut, all the while pulling Mommy and then she fell free.  Gasping for air, Daddy picked her up, grabbed my hand and we ran out of the house to the car.  Daddy drove us away.

             "I'm sorry!!!! I'm so sorry!! I thought it was over.  How could they be back???" sobbed Daddy.


The End

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