You hope pretending to be asleep will bore the monster. It pokes your shoulder. And -- again.

    You play sleeping. Realizing that maybe the monster will leave you alone if you just don't seem like an amusing toy. It seems to work as you dead weight yourself, trying not to be tense.

    The monster places you back down on the bed but as it moves away from you and back under the bed the bed sheet catches on it somewhere and it starts dragging the sheet with it.

    You consider closing your eyes wondering what to do, but you're too afraid to close them so they stay wide open staring into the darkness. The sheet drags down your face and twitches your nose, making it itch with that all too familiar itch.

    You realize in horror, that you are about to sneeze theres no stopping it. You try to hold it back but suddenly the sneeze bursts forward and everything becomes still.

    You wait, hoping maybe the monster disappeared into whatever world it came from before hearing it. But your heart jumps up to your throat and your stomach turns as you hear it moving around again and your bed starts moving.

    Its quicker this time and before you can close your eyes its suddenly there in front of you horrific and nightmarish.

    All ideas lost you scream, loudly. Suddenly the monster runs to the corner of the room trying to open your closet door and when it fails to do that it hides behind the chair in your room. The bulky shape molds back into the darkness and before you know it, its gone.

    Your momma burst in her face green with some kind of facial cream and wearing a robe. Nonetheless you are very relieved to see her. She comes forward cooing.

    "Whats the matter my baby?" she coos at you.

    Before you can answer the dark shadow of the beast is suddenly behind her. You point in terror, but before she can turn around its picked her up and it swallows her whole.

    Thats it shes gone, your mother of 9 years the woman that carried you and cared for you is dead instantly. You scream louder than you ever have before and your Dad comes bursting in.

    He sees the monster and eyes fly wide, he looks around for your mother.

    "IT ATE MOMMA!" You scream.

    Your dad faces the monster with anger, and you suddenly run from your bed out the door.

    "Son wait! Don't leave me alone please. I need...AHHHHHH" you hear his screams of pain as you run down the stairs.

    Dad is gone too now you realize you need to get outside and away from this monster, but as you come close to the front door, the door to the basement flies open and you fall backwards in surprise!

The End

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