Monster High!Mature

Iris went to a expensive, private school. She had it all. Until she got expelled for a reason she doesn't know! She is sent to a low-fund, 'shabby' public school on the outskirts of the city. Here, she meet Peggy. Is Peggy out to get her or just trying to be friends?!


Iris thought she had it all. Her parents were ritch, she had all the clothes she wanted. She was on her way to being a honor student at Ruffelton Private Academy. She wore her uniform perfect, her hair was natural. She wore no make-up. In fact, there was nothing the teachers could pick on her about.

She looked smart and sharp and her glasses had a strange sheen to them when she got praised, so what on earth could they be sending her to the behaviour manager for?!

'Please come in Miss Iris.' A snooty voice called out. Iris stepped into the hot and muggy classroom. It stank of old wood because it had never been used often. Only a handful of students had been sent here before!

Iris sat down the the sticky leather chair and the behaviour manager stared at her for a good few minutes.

'Iris. Iris, Iris, Iris! I know your wondering why your here. But you should know the answer.'

Iris stared at him, confused, 'sorry sir, I have no clue why I am here.'

'Then could you explain to me, why our number one student, on the way to being our top honour student in history, was caught smoking outside of this bar in the city?'

'What! I did no much thing! This isn't me! No way!' Iris spluttered, grabbing the image of a person that looked very much like her, outside a bar and, indeed, smoking.

'You don't need to make up excuses. Your parents have been noted of your expulsion--'

'expulsion?!'Screeched Iris,'you can't expell me for something like this!'

'Ah! So you admit it!'

'No I don't! Because that girl is not me!'

Their voices her growing louder and louder andcould easily be heared from the next floor up. A group of Iris's 'followers' were huddled close to the door and were listning into the convorsation intently.

'Miss Iris! Please lower your voice!' Yelled the behavious manager. Iris puffed out her cheeks. Her face was flushed and she had a very angry expression on her face,'as I was saying, Miss Iris, your parents have been notified of your expulsion and you should be glad to hear we have taken it upon ourselves to put you into a new school.'

Iris nodded. Her parents would have been sure to have applied for a better school than this. If this wasn't a joke; which is surely was!

'Yes, you should be familiar with it: we have sent the application forms for Montar High.'

Iris felt sick and her face blanched. Montar High. The school with no pride. The education house from hell that doesn't even have enough to buy decent food.

Montar High. Otherwise known as:

Monster High.

The End

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