The pain is too much to handle

Its like a knife in your chest

And everyone tells you, you must go on

When all you really want to do is rest

Because no one truly knows what its like

Being stuck in a home that isn't home

No one truly knows what its like

When you have no choice, but to go on

You have no where to turn to

So you turn to the knife

And the cold steel feels so good against your skin

You know you have to cut twice

The cold edge breaks skin

And it breaks your skin again and again

But you just can't help it

When its cut is the sweetest sin


Take a look at what you've done, Mommy

Take a look at what you caused

I wonder if you know what it feels like, Mommy

Knowing this is all your fault

Cause the thing you don't understand

Is every cut causes pain

And, eventually, the pain may fade away

But I'll never be the same

I'm the monster that you made me, Mommy

A Monster of the sickest kind

I wonder what you'd do if you knew, Mommy

That I take pleasure from the pain that's mine

The End

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