LOTS of description in this story. This story is famous in my school. And it's written by me!

Drip! Drop! In a gloomy cave, a shrunken and shrivelled up boy sat miserably on the cold, damp, hard and rocky ground. Jace was scared. BOOM! CRASH! went the lightning, and the wind howled in vain. Jace knew there was someone lurking in the shadows. Someone or… Something. Grrr… Jace stayed still. There was definitely something hiding there. He gulped, and the sound of his gulp, swelled in his ears. It was very big, Jace thought trembling with fear. “ROOARR!!!” The sound said. Jace let out a slight shrill and hid his face on his knees, now covered in bruises and scrapes.This is no time for cowering in fear,Jace thought. And with that, he grabbed a sharp rock and lunged the rock at the beast behind the big boulder. “YARGH!!” cried the figure in pain. Jace stepped a little bit closer to the gigantic boulder and peeked through the piddling-sized hole. Oh what a sight! There it was. A hideous creature with fangs for teeth, ugly black and shaggy fur, claws as sharp as knives, bloodshot eyes, purple horns, Green whiskers, blue spikes on its back, pink warts and moles sprinkled on his face and OH HOW HIS BREATH SMELT! Jace reckoned this wasn’t a good time to shake hands, he could see the rock he had threw stained with blood. It had hit the hideous beast’s belly now dripping blood. Jace ran for his life, the monster stomping behind him. Panting and puffing, he raced to the exit of the cave just in time as the rocks fell from the top blocking the monster being. Making a quick anxious glance at the cave, he then zipped home.


What was he thinking, running away from homethought Jace while sipping his hot milo. He gave a mischievous grin and wondered when he was going to have his next adventure.

The End

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