Hello, and welcome to Sunny-Ville Mental Institution.  It was burnt to the ground, as you can see by the ash, garbage and rubbish that remains behind me.  A couple decades ago this place was a place that many came to.  I had the honer of working here when it was in business, and I must admit these people weren't crazy or insane or had anything wrong with them.  They were just like me just they had stories that scarred some that they made up because they were bored or alone or ignored, some even just had different believes then others.  When I first started to work here I thought they were all crazy but in truth it's all of you sitting there reading this that are crazy.  Think about it.  Did you live without doubts.  Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe in god? Do you play x-box 360 all day long? Well let me explain. If you believe in god, it's your choice and you are considered a christian and nothing is wrong with you, its a believe.  So if you believe in ghosts or demons or having gifts, why are you considered crazy? Its a believe, just the same.  And the truth is behind every belief there is truth and lies.  If you play x-box 360 all day long is it really just something you like to do? It becomes a hobby and a pass time and soon an addiction.  So why were these people put in here for finding a pass-time, a hobby, an addiction to something that was fun for them like making up stories about something or believing in something that people thought they were crazy for.  They could have easily made fun of you for believing that pizza or hot wings were the best foods ever.  So lets take a walk inside shall we? Lets go back 23 years ago, when this place first opened up.  Let us meet the people that were placed here and see what really happened.

The truth may shock you.

The End

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