Hunt or be Hunted 3

Anita's eyes grew wide from the sudden rejection.  Her ears folded over in sadness, and her tail fell limp.  Alpha approached her; placing a paw on her shoulder.

"You're much too young, Anita.  You would only cause trouble for the rest of the pack, if you left without proper protection."

"I would have Couga and Eoaga for protection, and Couga can teach me more.."

"My answer is final, young one.  You are far too special to endanger to the likes of the Pale Ones."

Anita was downcast even more.  She couldn't go against Alpha's word.  He was her foster father, just as he was Eoaga's.  They both had respect for Alpha, and would never betray him.  That aside, Anita could feel that she could change his words.  If he could give Eoaga permission, then she could get it too.  It's exactly as Alpha said; she was far too special.

She dismissed herself from his presence, and fled into the woods.  Unlike the others she was small and fast, bounding between trees, and use them for safety.  She was also special in the fact that she could jump from branch to branch with ease; something even Eoaga couldn't do.  Anita's brethren were more suited towards combat than she was.  Her claws were not powerful enough to take down large predators, but were sharp enough to kill prey.  Of course, she knew that Alpha was right about her not being able to protect herself, but she was the fastest thing on four limbs.  Nothing would catch her, not even a Pale One.

Her escape got as far as a running river that bordered Alpha's territory before stopping.  She sat down near the waters edge, not being able to bring herself to cross the rushing water.  No one really left the boundaries as Alpha controlled a wide range of land, which supported a large pack.  There was never a reason to go except to create a new pack, which was rare.  Everyone liked our current Alpha's rule; though, Anita couldn't recall a time that he wasn't.  

She sighed heavily at the fact that she'll probably live in the pack for the rest of her life, and would become the mate of some wolf.


Speaking of potential candidates, Anita thought as she slowly turned her head to see Eoaga walking over to her.  It was expected as they were nearly inseparable before the death of Eoaga's parents.  He had been in training since then.  The young wolf sat next to Anita, which caused her to inch a bit away.

"It's not fair.  Why can't I go?"

Anita asked to no one in particular.  Of course, Eoaga would respond to her question.

"Well, you are a little different from the rest of us."

"What do you mean by that?"

Anita stared coldly at Eoaga for saying something stupid.  He slinked back slowly, but stood firm to his belief.

"I mean, you're not exactly one of us, ya know."

"Don't you think I know that!  That doesn't mean I'm to be pampered, and hidden from the world.  I want to explore the lands outside our territory, and see all the creatures that make up it."

"Like the Pale Ones?"


The two grew quiet for a long time.  The silence was only broken by the constant sloshing of water.  Anita lowered her head more before touching her head to her forelimbs.  It was then that she heard something that perked her out of her stupor.  It came from Eoaga, of all things.

"Why don't you?"


"You're not one of us.  You're not truly bound by Alpha's rules.  You can leave whenever you want!"

Anita stared at Eoaga for a long time.  It made him feel awkward as he shifted his sight away from her gaze.  He finally looked back at her to see a faint smile on her lips.

The End

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