Hunt or be Hunted 2

Eoaga was firm in what he had said, with a hint of vengeance in his voice.  

Anita knew that he wanted to get back at the Pale Ones; everyone did, but he was still too young for such a mission.  Alpha's rules were absolute, and Eoaga would have to wait until the next Red Moon cycle; even if he had already found his roar.  Finding ones roar was a step towards adulthood, in the pack.  One could fend for themselves; fight for the pack; and find a mate, but they had to be of age.  Anita had three more cycles before she could be selected for mating.

"No, Eoaga!  We have discussed this many times before."

"We have only talked about me growing up!  I am an adult now, and..

Couga raised his paw in the air, stopping Eoaga from saying more.

"If Alpha had not taken you under his wing, then you would be dead along with your parents.  Know your place, and be glad you are still alive to carry their legacy.  Besides, you only have a roar, but no spirit.  You are not old enough to..."

"Enough, Couga!  Eoaga, come to me!"

Alpha's command interrupted Couga's speech, making him back off as Eoaga approached his foster father.

"You wished to see me, Alpha?"

"Eoaga, I have cared for you for three full moons, and I believe that it is time that you became the adult that you claim to be.  I want you to go on this mission, and find the spirit behind that roar."

Eoaga's eyes lit up from Alpha's response.  He could hardly contain the smile that crept up from the corners of his mouth.  The young wolf bowed his head to Alpha before stepping back.  Anita's ears pricked up from the sudden change of Alpha's law.  She wanted to see the Pale Ones too; though, for a different reason than Eoaga.

"Alpha, I wish to also join the mission.  I know the lay of the land better, and..."


The End

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